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...but I will be playing The Sims 3 on the Wii to start with.  Kevin got me the game and the strategy guide when they came out to give me something easier to play that I could do from the couch; of course we then moved my computer to next to where I sit on the couch, but I still want to play the Wii game as it will encourage arm movement at the very least. 

The Wii version of the game appears to be a bit different from the PS3 and XBox 360 versions, and in my case probably in a good way, they limit the number of days you can play a house to 50 and there are no babies, if you have a pregnant Sim they birth a child.

Since it is on the Wii I will not be posting pictures but I will try and post what I have done so far in the game and once I complete a challenge set for myself, what I will be completing next.  I still need to finish going through the guide, which could take a long time, but I have found the lifetime wish list already so my first goal will be to have a Sim become a Beach Tycoon (one of the new jobs is Tourism).  Probably all of my challenges will be to complete all of the available LifeTime Wishes since I am not sure if there are any other challenges in the game, but we will learn that with time.

As an aside, I have stopped playing FarmVille for multiple reasons (I was having a hard time remembering what I was doing, when crops needed to be harvested, and I was annoyed at the borked news feed limit because even though they said it wouldn't not limit the fuel and barn raising posts, it did when I tried to click on them and I was actually clicking on them, not using the snagbar) so Zynga gave me my last reason I needed for quitting again.

Now to try and remember how to turn on the Wii (once I find a remote) and see if I can make a Sim that might be a good Beach Tycoon (should probably see which skills he or she will need).
So I managed to make my Beach Tycoon and get him moved in to a lot, because I did so little this will be short.

Name: Alex Beachead

Traits: Genius, Charismatic, Artistic, Athletic, Megalo-maniac

All of his appearance options were whatever was first on the list in part because I was having a hard time figuring out the interface.

After he was made I bought him the lot below Plata Lake and placed the Trailer Home at the first (and only) upgrade level under the Wild and Wacky option for buildings because I didn't feel like building something.  It is unfurnished and I stopped playing after the building was placed due to needing a break and the remote telling me the battery was running low.

Next time I plan to get his job in Tourism and add some furniture.