Kevin has been learning from several different sources, including someone who has migraines like I have, that it is probably best if I don't fight the mental fogging like I have been.  We're trying to come up with a list of things I can do to keep me occupied on the days that don't involve sleeping, so far the only computer related thing is FarmVille and FishVille on facebook because they don't really require much thought.  On the list of things I really need to stop doing though is Sims, in all forms, because it seems like after I play, even for a few minutes, I put so much effort into it that the mental fogging usually comes on pretty heavily and for several hours if not a day or two afterwards.  Even trying to follow the stories others post about their Sims is enough to cause me to go significantly downhill on a "good day" meaning a day where I can sort of talk normally.

What this means is that the journal will be going silent for a while.  I am not sure how long, I don't know if I have permanently maxed my mental capacity or if eventually I will slowly be able to come back, although I may never be at full strength mentally again.  I feel bad about leaving so many Sim stories unfinished, I really did have plans, many very detailed, for all but two of them, but that is part of my problem, I am far too detail oriented and have to have everything come out "just so" and "practically perfect" with extensive notes on every single action taken in the game.  On the upside of things, if I ever do come back mentally where I have shown that I can go back to that level of thought, the Suichi Legacy, the Maxis Mades Stories, and the Neighborhood where I was planning on playing a Sim of every combination of aspiration and sign have been backed up on to CD.  Currently the Mraz story is saved on a USB drive, but that one could easily be restarted since I was not very far in.  The other Sims 3 are on our Mac Laptop so I am going to see if I can back those up on to DVD and then take the game off of this as well in hopes that I can some day come back it to.

I appreciate all of the support everyone has given me in my story telling and when I have not been well.  Hopefully I will get to talk to all of you again through this journal before too much time has past.