August 30th, 2010


Funny and Nerdy at the same time

I am a nerd, I always have been. One of Kevin's former coworkers shared this on Facebook and it is one of the funnies videos I have ever seen.

There are more Super Mario Bros Theme Remakes here. 

Our other favorite is the violinist because he not only plays the theme music, but plays the game sound effects while someone is playing it, which had to make it a little harder at least than just playing the theme music.
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I am giving myself permission...

 ... to not feel like I have to post a Star Trek: Sunset Valley update once a week like I have been trying to do.  I would like to finish it at the most, within the time frame given for the whole thing to take place if it were real time (18 months), but since I don't know if Wesley will actually be there for 18 months, it could take less time.

The problem has been that when my head is not letting me focus as well as I need it to be to play, I get the frustrations like I had this past week with the fishing.  I am not sure if it was me using the wrong bait or no bait even though I thought I was, or the game being stupid, but it made this last week not fun.  And then the writing was like pulling teeth, it eventually got there, but the second and third entry were really easy to write, while the first entry took a month to write and for me to feel comfortable with what I was saying.  I probably should have allowed myself more time and to wait until days when I was at least feeling somewhat better than I did most of this past week, but I really wanted to get an entry out a week to match the time on the game and that is just not always going to be possible, and I realize that now so I am posting this as a show of my acceptance of my limitations caused by my disability.

Since there will be times when I want to play but I am also not really in a mindset where I can focus, I have added my Simself and Kevin's Simself back to the game (I took out our neighborhood because we had a child and another on the way well before we could afford to in game and the stress of children in game was enough to make my head start going downhill) and my only goal with us right now is to keep us alive and in love.  I'll complete wants when I am able, but this is not going to be my normally very detail/goal oriented game play.  I am also not taking pictures or writing down notes so don't expect any posts on them.

I know all disabilities are frustrating and normally I don't let it bother me too much, but having a mental disability that varies in strength from just feeling slow to not being able to do anything but lay down and stare at the ceiling or sleep to me is worse than the actual migraine part of the disability.  When I was in my pain management class they kept saying to "just remember, while you have pain, you still have yourself, your knowledge, and who you are," but in my case, I don't.  I don't always have all of my knowledge and I can't always respond to things the way I normally would because I can't get out more than one word a minute.  

I think if I just had the head pain part of it I would probably have asked my former job if I could just work every other day and I would just take the Midrin every other day (since they said I can't take it two days in a row) and I would just deal with the pain on the off days.  It really is the mental slowness and dizziness that makes me want to cry sometimes and get the most frustrated since I used to be one of the most productive people in my part of the company I worked for.  

All I can do now is hope that it goes away on its own because all of the doctors that I have seen said that they have tried all of the medicines they can on me and there is just nothing they can do for me now because my migraines and the pre and post phase (where the mental fogging comes in) is just untreatable right now.  My primary care doctor is amazed I am not severely depressed all of the time right now because she said I would be totally justified in that depression if I were.  I just have to keep telling myself it could be worse, because it could always be worse, I'm just not always sure what worse is.