August 23rd, 2010

The Sims 3, Sims 3 SimSelf

Sometimes they drive me crazy

So I have managed to play the next week in the Star Trek Sunset Valley Wesley Crusher neighborhood and I though it was going to have to go two weeks just to get all of the fish caught to take a photo of each type.  Let me explain...

In The Sims 3 you can use bait specific to the type of fish you want to catch in order to significantly increase the odds of catching the fish you want.  Wesley is a level 10 in fishing skill and has read all of the fishing bait books so he knows what all of them are.  So when I sent him to catch a Red Herring, the second lowest level fish in the first spot I was having him fish in for this scanning, he caught everything but for over two Sim days.  He ran out of hot dogs (links) twice before he finally caught one.  The other problem, I was so flustered by him not catching the right fish that when I paused with 0 so I could take a picture of the fish (thinking it would be a Red Herring) I would see it was a different fish and then accidently hit P to take the picture instead and then miss the picture because they only hold the fish for a second or two before it is stashed in their personal inventory.  So I still had to have him re-catch all of the higher level fish he had already caught in order to get pictures of those.  

He didn't finish his scanning until after 7 pm on Saturday night Sim time and Sunday is when I start the new week since that is how the game is setup.  The previous scan he had Friday afternoon and all day Saturday to do whatever he rolled a want for so I could keep his mood up.  Fortunately Wesley seems to love fishing and even when I was telling him to eat he would drop queue and start fishing so his mood is okay, but he doesn't roll the want to fish often so his reward points are low and I am trying to get the collection helper to make finding things easier because I can't always see the bugs and seeds on the ground even when I was having an easier time with focusing on the game, they make them so tiny.

I hope to get something written up for Kevin to review and make sure it makes sense by Thursday so I can post it Thursday evening or Friday.  I just hope I got all of the pictures I think I took.