August 20th, 2010

Sims 2 SimSelf, The Sims 2

Question about organizing journals with multiple stories

So as most of you know I have a lot of stories running on this journal and some of them are on hold (anything Sims -original-, Sims 2, Sims 3 with World Adventures) because my desktop needed to be reformatted (I saved all of the games except Sims original) and currently refuses to connect to the internet and it is easier for me to just deal with one story at a time right now anyway .  I have a dreamwidth account that I have been randomly using to host a separate journal that is solely about my health since I didn't feel like this was the best place to post those.  I have 10 invite codes to make other journals with and I was thinking about moving the  stories to separate journals so that each journal would be about one story and then this journal would be sort of a general Sim (downloads/uploads not related to a story) and other things kind of journal with links to the other stories and a once a week (or longer depending on how much posting I don't do) post here about what has been updated else where.

The only problem is that dreamwidth does not yet do image hosting (all of my photos are currently hosted here) and I am not sure what LiveJournal's owners would think about all of the files they are hosting being displayed on another site.  I could set up a PhotoBucket account (or 8, one for each story), but that would involve re-uploading all of the images and I am not sure if I have the brain power to do that right now. 

I was wondering what others thought about having story specific journals (it might encourage me to complete them since they will be all that, that journal displays) and moving the posts from here to another location.  I have been trying to keep my profile's story list up-to-date so if someone wants to read something they don't have to go searching for all of one story's posts, but I do sometimes forget to do that for a few weeks before I remember I didn't update it.  I am also considering just moving the stories to new LiveJournal accounts so they would each have their own photo albums and everyone would be able to comment since not everyone has a dreamwidth account.

I would most likely keep copies of the posts here, at least the ones with comments, since I do not want to lose those.