As requested by mountainshade1  in her Character Meme post.

1) Suchi encourages eating right and for the most part he eats healthy, but for some reason he cannot resist Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets

2) Suchi speaks many languages which has given him the ability to indulge in the guilty pleasure of Mexican soap operas.

3) While Suchi comes across as very wise and confident, he often spends nights tossing and turning as he second guesses what he has done.

4) Suchi struggles with his live simple message and his love of designer clothing. Basically, he has to shop outlet stores and clearance racks or he could not wear the designer cloths.

5) He worries that all his efforts to help the community may take all his resources, thus making retirement impossible and may make his golden years harsh.

6) Fears his career will make him a lousy family man because he has no time for a family.

7) Fears that people speak to highly of him, thus making their expectations of what he can do impossible for him to meet.

8) Will pretend to drink in social situations so as to not offended.

9) Sometimes wishes his life in public service was as exciting as the television show 24, but he knows he would crack under the crazy pressure the show put on their characters.

10) Knows all the words to all the songs from the movie Mary Poppins.

Kevin came up with all of these facts and I only modified one a little.  I felt like since Kevin was the one who dreamed up the character, he would have an easier time coming up with little factoids about him, especially since all I could think of was, "I write Suichi in my father's voice", which is true.