I have been trying off and on to make a reasonable looking Wil Wheaton/Wesley Crusher Sim but I either have to stop before finishing him because my head is going or I can't get something to look the way I want it.  I am half tempted to put everything to the first option on the face templates and call it a day but I would like it to at least sort of look like him in a, if you glanced at it quickly and didn't really know what Wil Wheaton looked like you would be like, oh okay, I think I have seen that guy.  

I think the biggest issue right now is finding a picture of Wil that is large enough and straight on that I can see detail to use in comparing to what I am doing.  Guess for now I will keep looking for that image and then worry about making the Sim later.  I have a pretty good idea in my head of what I want to do with him, I just can't get past the making the Sim part and since this is an unpatched base game thanks to the patches causing my laptop problems, I can't just find one to download.