I am afraid of spiders.  Most of them (the little bitty ones everyone has in their homes and they only see on occasion, I can deal with as they are so small, most of them can't even break skin to bite.  I will kill them, but it doesn't cause me great stress when I see one.  The large ones, the ones big enough to be shown in a zoo, I cannot look at.  If we go to the zoo and accidentally end up in that area, I just put my head down and walk as quickly as possible out of there.

The other day, late in the evening as I was getting ready to go to bed, I walked into the bathroom and saw a spider hanging on one of our towels, but this wasn't a tiny spider, it wasn't a small spider, it was a large spider.  With the legs, it could have covered the palm of my hand easily and it was a brownish/orangish color as it blended in with the burnt orange towels we have.  The body on the spider was at least as big as the top part of my pinky.  Kevin was in the next room and for a change, I yelled for him, I yelled loudly for him.  Unfortunately in the time it took him to get in there the spider disappeared and I was left wondering if my mental fogging from the migraines was turning into mental trickery as well.  I told Kevin what it looked like, he of course that I was making it sound worse than it was because I am scared of spiders and when you see something you are scared of, it always looks bigger and worse than it actually is.  I didn't sleep that night or half o the next day.

The next night, I was attempting to go back to bed, and as I was walking from our back room to through the living room to go to the bedroom, I saw our cat Alex trying to shove himself under the dresser behind the sofa.  I thought maybe he had found one of the tiny spiders or maybe he had been playing with a toy and rolled it under there.  I grabbed our nearby flashlight and looked under and to my horror, saw the spider again, the one from the bathroom.  Alex either wanted to play with it, or eat it, I am not sure which, but he wanted it, and I wanted to make sure he didn't get anywhere near it.  I shouted for Kevin, but for a change, he was actually asleep before me (this almost never happens because he only needs six hours of sleep a night and I need ten if I am going to function properly).  Once Kevin is asleep he hears nothing, it has to be absolutely quiet for him to fall asleep, but once asleep you could throw a party and he would miss the whole thing; and he calls himself a light sleeper ;-) .  So I pulled the dresser away from the couch and using an old election information guide we had left over from the primary that had just occurred, whacked at the spider until I could not see any movement; then I used the top page to pick up the dead spider, smash it to make sure it was dead, and then ran out in the middle of the night to put the spider in the outsider trash can to make sure it's mate wasn't going to come looking for it in the house.  I didn't sleep that night or most of the next day either.  By now my sleep pattern, which was already off, was way off, and I was greatly lacking sleep.

A couple of nights later, I was walking into the bathroom again, and saw, another very large spider, that looked just like the one I killed.  Now to make me feel better about the first spider, Kevin got some "safe around pets" pest killer, that I was carrying around with me, but I had left it at my desk so it wasn't in my hand.  I yelled for Kevin who was already next to the door and this time he saw the spider as well and then ran for the spray bottle.  This time the spider was on the wall next to the toilet and Kevin sprayed it down off the wall and then kept spraying it until he felt it was most likely not going to bite him.  He then cleaned up the spider and the spray and threw it out.  I didn't sleep that night either.

Kevin decided on last Thursday and Friday to spray the outside of the home with a stronger pest spray to try and keep the spiders and other bugs from getting in.  He found another of the same type of spider outside the house in the front area, where we previously had allowed Edmon (our gray cat) to play since it was fenced in and he could not get out.  Normally Kevin doesn't kill any bugs unless it has me in complete terror (bees) and most spiders he tries to catch and then release outside (he was a good boy scout); this time, he went ahead and just killed the spider anyway.

The evening before yesterday, Alex saw another one of these large spiders and was about to lunge at it when I caught him and yelled for Kevin to kill the spider.  So this is now the third one of these in the house and the forth one within the zone that is our home (including yard) in less than three weeks. In the last two days I have had roughly four hours of sleep and I am no longer able to sit on the sofa since that is where I killed the first one and where Kevin killed the last one, and I am going to ask him to turn the thing over this coming Thursday to make sure they aren't living in there.  

We have been attempting to identify the spider, because if I knew it was harmless, I would probably be able to sleep, although I would probably still freak out every time I saw one, but at least I would be getting sleep.  Right now we are considering having me spend the days Kevin is at work at his parents home so that maybe I will be able to sleep there since I don't really feel able to sleep here, even during the day.

It could be worse, the other day a friend of ours (who has two small children) found two black widow spiders in her yard on consecutive days.  I would probably insist on moving back into his parents home until all of the spiders were eliminated if we found something like that here.  Now to attempt sleep again, provided the cats will make enough room for me on the bed.