This will be a pictureless update until I can either figure out how to compress the images for the game play on the Mac to be around the same size they are on the PC or until I can dig out my thumb drive and copy them over to the PC and convert them there since the file sizes are around a mega byte when I take them and I really have to drop the visual quality a lot more than I normally do in order to bring them in line with the file size of the images I normally upload.

Now for the update:

I have taken some pictures of the house, those will be the first thing I post once I get them uploaded, so at least I can say I didn't forget to do that.

On Monday, Zac's first day of work he met Molly French after work and they seemed to hit it off really well.  I think she already has a child in game, but is single so this may be his one true love.  Although, because I generally do not enjoy playing the children, even though I think the toddlers are cute, I think I will wait until her little one is at least a child before asking her to move in if I decide to go that route.

On Tuesday, Zac got a promotion!  Yeah, we can buy that bookcase he has been drooling over.

On Wednesday, he rolled the want for a second bookcase.?  We don't even have the first one full, why would he need a second bookcase?

On Thursday, remembered to plant the apple and lettuce plants from the fridge, just one of each, he still had some left over so he would not starve, I am trying to avoid quick meals even though they cost nothing and are "quick".

On Friday, he rolled the want for another bookcase again.  I know he is a bookworm but this seems a bit silly, the first still just has the books it came with because he is too poor to afford anything else, although I did finally invest in a sofa.  He also got one more promotion before the weekend hit.  If I remember I will post images of his two uniforms he has worn so far.

On Saturday, he invited Molly French over and they are now dating.  It probably helps that she is Flirty because they weren't even friends yet and she was letting him makeout with her.  Hopefully she will not mind being strung along for a while, while I wait for her kid to age up; I really need to have him go over and meet her child so I can monitor when she ages more easily.

Well, that was one week since the week started on a Sunday.  Next week, attempt to actually take that writing class he keeps rolling the want for and meet Molly's daughter.  Not too worried about the skilling just yet, I'm playing on Epic so he has plenty of time.