This is my Sim to play while I get reintroduced to playing Sims games again since I have been off it for a couple of months. I'm not sure what I am going to do with him as he really doesn't have a purpose other than to play for a little while.

I am pleased to introduce Zac Zimmerman. He is a young adult at the moment who has ambitions of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon. He likes Electronica Music, drools over Waffles, and thinks the color blue is the best in the world even though his outfit is not the best representation of it. He has moved into 36 Sim Lane (also known as Mosquuito Cove) a pre-made home I have never used before, but find interesting because it is so quirky looking. I'll show more pictures of it later once I have played a bit more. His traits are Neurotic, Bookworm, Coward, Friendly, and Lucky. I haven't played the Coward trait before so this should be fun. He is Neurotic because I find the trait amusing and after they have their break down they have a mood boost. Hopefully he will give me some wonderful and amusing photos to share with everyone.

Well, for his first day he got his job and learned two Logic skills by playing chess and then reading a logic book. Other than that he hasn't done much.