Yes, I am still planning on playing The Sims.  I haven't started yet, I am trying to decide which game to play because right now I just want to focus on one instead of all three or just the last two.  I've gotten my Facebook to just fishville and I just touch the game once a day so it doesn't take that long and I feel like I will be able to get back to Simming again.  I am thinking The Sims 3, because it is an easier game to play in my opinion and I can play it on the laptop so I can play it in bed if I am having a lack of stability day.  I may still end up just playing all of them (although I am thinking of dropping the original The Sims game) and doing like one every other day so I can post on the off day if I have got enough to post.  My Sims 2 Legacy takes too long to post an update because of how many homes their are.  As you can tell, my brain is all over the place on this right now.

Kevin thinks I should work on playing The Sims 3 but not one of my current story things just to get back into playing; I think I might make a new Sim and see what happens.  Now to decide if I should do one that is fully upgraded or one with just the base game.  I can never make a decision on my own.