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Welcome back to Blossoming Hearts, the Legacy starring none other than Suichi Vanderbilt. When we last left Suichi he had just learned Christy Stratton’s story and discovered her father is part of the reason Arbordale is in the current state it is in. Suichi has also now realized that he is in love, but now what to do about it?
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Welcome back to Blossoming Hearts, the Legacy where we take too long to get from one generation to the next. We are on Chapter Seven and are nowhere near generation two yet. In the last chapter Suichi and Christy finally admitted their love for each other.

A child,
born from passion,
conceived by deceit,
hidden by the one who loves him.
A child used to confuse,
a child used to cause pain.
He does not know his purpose,
his fate has not yet been revealed.
The controller takes pity on this child,
his mother did not know how he would be used when she asked for him. 24 fun filled images below the cut, livejournal large jpgsCollapse )

We are finally to the point in the Legacy everyone has been waiting for, no, not the birth of generation two, we are to the wedding of Suichi Vanderbilt and Christy Stratton. In the last chapter Marisa made yet another attempt at thwarting Suichi's goal of revitalizing Arbordale and failed again despite the evidence of an out of wedlock child.

In this chapter we are not going to worry about moving the plot along, we are just going to enjoy Suichi and Christy's wedding.
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We, the writers of the Blossoming Hearts series, all two of us, are really happy to see this Chapter. No, generation two was not miraculously born this chapter; we are happy because Marisa gifted us the resolution to her story, which we had been struggling to figure out what to do with and how to close.

Last chapter was Suichi and Christy's wedding, which was also a chapter that really made us happy to write, well, mainly just show picture from.
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