February 26th, 2010


Disneyland with Dad

So we got back yesterday evening from our trip to Disneyland and getting to see my Dad for a day and a half.  This was my second trip to Disneyland and fortunately, it went much smoother than the first trip I did that that had two and a half days of time in park; considering by noon I was fighting myself to stay functional and the park opened at 10 am, that is saying a lot.  The first trip had no planning prior to the trip and I am one of those people that needs to know what it is we are going  to be doing every second of the day.  This trip had some planning, not a lot, but I had a list of Must Do attractions and a list of Would Like to Do if We Have Time attractions. 

Because our one day in park was at the end of February and a Wednesday it was really light attendance and the longest we waited anywhere as 20 minutes (cannot remember which attraction that was) but for most we just walked right on or waited maybe 5 minutes.  We also got to see the Captain EO re-release which was great, I had heard that they were going to bring it back but there was no date until it was actually released; I had been seeing 80 minute wait times for the movie so I told my Dad that if he wanted to see it that we should do it first before the line builds up, it helped that Disneyland has not done much to indicated that the movie is now playing so it was a less than full house on the first showing. 

We managed to do everything I wanted on both lists thanks to the light attendance even with my need to sit for a while to try and get past the mental confusion that became over-whelming by 3 pm.  I was hoping I would be able to make it through the one day in park without my Dad having to see me in the mental confusion state because I know it makes him worried when he sees that, but unfortunately, even my best efforts could not keep it from becoming very obvious.
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