My head is going on a much less than 30 minutes at a time for computer screens and our internet is only working for 10 or so minutes at a time in the morning. 

While not online or looking at the computer screen, I have been attempting, very slowly, for the last five days, to write the Pleasant family day one story out on paper so I know what I need photos of when I play it.  I am pretty happy with what I eventually came up with and I think once our internet has been fixed and I can finish playing it (not even half of the day has been played) I will get it uploaded so everyone who has any interest in how I play Pleasantview can see it.  I think some people will be surprised with how I played this.  Some of it is expected based on the Dreamer post, but I think most will find how I approach it surprising.  I also learned/relearned, Daniel Pleasant never "actually" cheated on Mary-Sue, there is no memory of woohoo with anyone other than her so he does not get alien pregnant like Don did.

When I have been on my computer I have been making a couple of shirts, well, I should clarify, I made one shirt, started a second shirt, and then asked Kevin for help because he is much better at photoshop than I am and can get things completed more quickly than I do.  The two shirts were inspired by the Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge and that is as much info as I am going to give before uploading them to share.  There will be a third based on the challenge as well, but it is basically the male version of the female one I already made.  Kevin also had an idea for another shirt that would be ever evolving for my legacy, but would not come into play until generation 2 reaches childhood and since generation 2 has not been conceived yet, it is not a rush item.

Well, I have severe stabbing pain in my head so this is all I can post for now.  Hopefully the internet techs will actually find the problem with our internet and get it fixed tomorrow so I can start posting what I have been doing.