Since I finally created a MediaFire to host files for something else I realized I can finally re-upload the files from my Suichi Vanderbilt Legacy in case someone wants to have them as well and anything else I happen to make. For now this just has the Suichi files since all but my SimSelf was culled from the exchange and it only has a handful of downloads so I am not sure why it is still there either. Once I download SimPE again, that will have to wait until the internet is more reliable, then I can start taking requests if anyone actually wants any of my Sims they have seen in my posts.


iliveforsleep: - no custom content - post with custom content SimSelf (02/15/2010)

I am a Family Sim with default Leo point spread. I act like a Romance Sim but I swear I am not one in real life. If you have the expansion pack with secondary aspirations Knowledge would probably be most like me, but I am not picky. I also really love Grilled Cheese sandwiches in real life so that would be a good choice as well. Turn Ons: Blond Hair and Fatness (because that is what Kevin's Sim is) Turn Off: Unemployed

Kevin Sleep:

This is my real life husband and if possible, please download him with me and get us married if possible. He is a Fortune Sim in the game with the default Libra astrological sign. When asked he said his secondary aspiration should be Family, although I think Pleasure would also work because he likes video games a lot; I will leave that one up to you. Turn Ons: Brown Hair and Fatness (because that is what I am in game) Turn Off: Facial Hair

Goddess Vanessa:

Download Note: Goddess Vanessa's hair and outfit are from The Sims 2: Holiday Edition

Goddess Vanessa is based on one of my former co-workers who got really into Suichi and said she wanted to have his baby. Even after explaining this wasn't possible she said to make it happen anyway so we got our first side-plot in the story. Vanessa asked to be a Knowledge Sim and has the default point spread for Aries. Secondary aspiration should probably be Romance if you read her bio although Pleasure might also be good. Turn Ons: Fatness (because I know she thinks skinny Sims are too thin) and Creative (because she is also very creative in real life and I think she would be drawn to that Turn Off: Fitness (see reason for Fatness Turn On).

Legacy Characters:

Suichi Vanderbilt:

Suichi is a Knowledge Aspiration. Astrological Sign: Capricorn (default point spread), he doesn't have a secondary aspiration in my game, but Kevin said he would go with Family as a secondary if he had been making him with that option. Turn Ons: Hard Working and Probably a skill point related one Turn Off: Unemployed

Custom Content:

The Sims 2 Content

Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge inspired shirts - Flamingo addition (02/18/2010)
Kevin Sleep's contribution to the Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge inspired shirts - Flamingos and Gnomes (02/22/2010)

The Sims 3 Content

Lot build for Recurve Strand - (08/15/2010) - not really custom content but I did build it and upload it so close enough.

This post will be added to the top of my Links list on the left hand side of the blog for easy access.  If there are any Sims from either the Suichi Legacy or my Rotation play that you would like, please let me know and I will try and extract them once I get SimPE downloaded again; as mentioned at the beginning on the post, that will have to wait until internet is more stable.

Please let me know if you have problems with any of the files, they are all base game only expect where noted and currently there is no custom content.