February 7th, 2010

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Pleasantview: Day One - Dreamer

The Dreamer household has my sympathies so they get basically whatever they want. The back story, as I have been able to determine from my own playing and reading all of the family memories is as follows:

Darren and Darleen met as children. The two fell in love after becoming teenagers. Darren was able to get his first two promotions after turning adult and before marrying Darleen so she may have been a little younger than him. After a little while they had Dirk and he grew into a well adjusted child. Then Darleen died from a fire based on the color of her ghost, which caused Dirk to act out. Darren quit his job to be there for Dirk, but Dirk still grew up badly when he became a teenager. Dirk later realized his childhood friend Lilith was like him and they fell in love. Dirk seem to have pulled himself together through Lilith's love and with his father's undivided attention. Now Darren has met someone, Cassandra, and it was love at first site.

The Prima Guide really doesn't explore the Dreamer Household much. They basically just want you to finish a painting, sell it, do another one, and then pay some bills. In my game he has always had enough to pay the bills before selling paintings so I am not sure why you should wait, maybe they want the repo-man to come.

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