February 5th, 2010


Thank you for the well wishes and the luck

I want to first thank everyone for being so supportive while I try and find the medicine that will help prevent me from having migraines. Everyone on here has been really great, I think I can safely say, that aside from Kevin's support, my group of LiveJournal online friends have been one of my biggest sources of support and I really appreciate that.

I had a variant of the side-effect expected with yesterday's attempt and we ended up calling the Kaiser Advice Nurse in the middle of the night to make sure mixing Benadryl with Midrin with the new medicine would be okay. I had already taken the Benadryl because the most obvious side-effect was that I became really itchy and I also got a less obvious side-effect of very slow airway constriction so breathing was getting more and more difficult until the Benadryl kicked in. On top of that I had a migraine and we were worried about how much stuff I had in me and was it safe. Fortunately for me it was, at least at the doses I was taking so about 4 hours later I was finally able to fall asleep and stay that way. My neurologist is supposed to be emailing me with another suggestion.

I am still trying to stay optimistic about this, most of the time I am able to, but as I am sure everyone knows, it is not always easy to stay that way all of the time. I have been glad to have The Sims games and the community to help keep me distracted when all hope feels lost.
Sims 2 SimSelf, The Sims 2

Seventh Rotation: Davis and Gindorf

This post took two internet modem reboots to get all of these pictures loaded and text. Thank goodness I thought to save the text in a notepad doc so that when I lost half of it to the internet going down for the second time I still had everything I wanted to say for each image.

I decided to start this rotation by showing off the neighborhood as it stands so far. Currently all of the homes are in the front part of the neighborhood and the community lots (all two of them) are in the back part because I want to maximize the number of homes that can go in here (60 if I can fit all of them in this one neighborhood).
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