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Since the internet is sort of working, upload is like 256K phone line and download is like a 56K phone line, and my head only sort of hurts right now, I am trying to post what I had managed to play before the new medicine was added and while internet was out most of the time.  There might be one more post after this if I actually played my "learning The Sims 2 challenge" for two houses, but I won't know until I look at the Storytelling folder because I don't remember.

Writing these up after playing them so long ago does not work well for my brain because even with notes I generally have no idea what I was doing so here goes nothing...

I decided to try over with the dragons and sent Betty to do a lot of stage magic so she could get some more magic coins. Since she is fully skilled in everything she earns the gold coins really quickly. If I don't get sick of this she may be my first Sim to move to Magic Town.
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