January 28th, 2010


Ten things

I was tagged by remisims 

A. List ten habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag ten people to do the same. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it." And if I tag you, you're obliged to go through with this. ( I am not tagging anyone)

1. I don't forward chain email messages and delete most emails that start with FW: without opening them unless they come from my husband or parents.

2. I become emotionally attached to things and people very easily.

3. I have not yet left the 80s in my head.

4. I have more Wil Wheaton tracks in my iTunes than any of the musicians I listen to (this actually surprised me). These were all downloaded off his site or paid for books he did audio recordings of.

5. I have to have everything "just so" which occasionally drives Kevin crazy because he does not put things back from where he got them. All clothing are in order by type of item down to length of sleeve or pant leg, then by color within each category. Books in order by genre, then author last name, then order of release. Music in order of Artist name and then order of release. iTunes drives me crazy because I cannot do a multiple sort the same way as our CD shelves.

6. I like formatting my computer and feel compelled to format it on a regular bases. I am trying to resit this temptation while I play my current round of Sims stories and learning experiments but once this is done it will most likely be formatted again.

7. I want to learn french. I have been trying since high school and I am now in my 30s, I still cannot do more than say bonjour, count to ten and say certain colors. I can read basic french (1st grade) but my cannot pronounce anything.

8. I am good at writing instruction manuals, bad at writing stories.  I am trying to learn how to write things with a coherent plot for more than one post. Blossoming Heart Legacy and Mraz/Bushwalla series, my husband helps a lot.

9. My greatest thrill in life is from making my brother laugh and finding things he would think are really cool, because he tries really hard not to find things funny or cool (or at least he acts like he finds nothing funny or cool). When I find something I think he will like, I buy and send it to him for his birthday or Christmas. I am usually successful.

Part of Princess Bride shirt that made him really laugh out-loud.

10. Sometimes I my health issues make me wonder if it would be a good thing not to wake up from sleeping. Most days this is not a problem, but on the really bad days where basically all I can do is lay in bed with a sleep mask on and my head feels like it has disconnected from my body, I sometimes think, I just wish it would end. Kevin does know about this and is always there for me when I have these really bad days.

Not sure what is to come

Today I have a doctor's appointment and they are looking at giving me a new preventative medicine for my migraines and mental fogging/confusion that I have been having. So far I have tried two blood pressure medicine and three anti-seizure medicines, all with serve side-effects that are on the rare lists for the medicines. It is safe to say, I am rather worried about trying another medicine, but since my symptoms have been getting worse I feel like I have to.

The new medicine I am going to be taking is an anti-seizure medicine, which I tend to have the worst time with. One of the side-effects I seem to always get with those is loss of muscle control and co-ordination; I have also had serious reduction in mental capacity, which is not something I am looking forward to given my already high level of difficulties in that area. The medication says that the side-effect generally starts to get better after four weeks once the body has gotten used to the medicine so I am determined to try and give it at least six weeks before we pass judgement on how it is working or not working.

So what does this mean for the blog? Depending on whether I have the same side-effect I have had before and how quickly it starts, there may not be any posts to this blog for a month or longer. I wish our internet wasn't so slow because I would post the two entries I have photos for now so there was at least something Sims on the last day before I start the new medicine. All I ask from my readers is for some patience and maybe send some good internet mojo/prayers/whatever you believe in that this medicine will work and it will not make me worse in the process.

Thank you for all of the kindness and understanding you have shown me thus far.