Like the Caliente Household, the Broke Household is a very split household for me. I despise Brandi a great deal because her bedroom is worth 45% of the furniture value of the home. I also believe that Dustin gets a bad rep due to the Prima Guide and mine always rolls the want to teach Beau to talk and is generally well behaved ignoring his career track, which I feel is more a reflection of their situation and less of his being a bad person.

The Prima Guide tells you Dustin is a "troublesome" son and to focus all of Brandi's efforts on teaching Beau his toddler skills. Then you are to allow Brandi to Lecture Dustin when he gets home from high school. Dustin gets a kiss from Angela Pleasant, but then the rest is all Beau, Beau, Beau. And they want you to age Beau up to childhood a day early.

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