Welcome to The Sims 3 Legacy using Aaroc's Official Legacy Rules because I simply must use Epic and I believe that Ambrosia should be okay if my Sim spent all of that time skilling for it. Basically, every Sim in my game will get to Cooking Level 10 and I will make sure they always have the ingredients for it so they can age someone down if a Spouse is a little older than we thought they were.

This is not a plotty Legacy, the plotty Sims 3 story will come next week (well, it isn't really plotty, but it is actually story based, sort of, there is a script, I'll say that much). I am also only using the base game for this, the game will not be updated, and there is no downloaded content. Why you might ask, because the mac laptop I am running this on has problems with the update that the game has to go to since World Adventures came out and I cannot get it to go to an earlier one that worked; mumbles incoherently to self about not being able to use all of the store bought downloads.

Handicaps I am attempting:

Behind The Times
Matriarchy - (because they are the breeding Sim I need to control the age of)
Service Lover (because I always do this)
Random Traits

That looks like a lot of Handicaps but I don't think they will be too difficult.

Each posting will be one week worth of Sim playing and so many chapters will probably be short at least until I start having my Sim talk to more than one other Sim in the game and they find their spouse.
Now, on with the story...Collapse )