January 5th, 2010


I miss you Tiger

Before I post about The Sims 2 I would like to take a moment and post about Tiger, a very sweet and gentle cat who we lost to illness and age yesterday.

Tiger was 14/15 years old when I first met him and his mother, Mama Cat (who passed away in 2008 if I remember correctly).  This picture is actually from my first trip to see Kevin and so Tiger and I were just getting to know one another.  The main thing I remember from this trip is how Tiger is one of those cats that purrs as soon as a person he likes walks in the room and once he started getting pet the purring would get very load.  Compared to his mama he was a very large cat (only is structure, he was actually light in weight) being roughly twice her size.

Tiger was estimated to be 20 years old and he had a stroke in early July of 2009 which he remarkably recovered from despite the unlikeliness of a 19+ year old cat recovering from a stroke.  He was primarily and outdoor cat and was only inside to eat and at night which also makes his advanced age rather remarkable.  Kevin and I had considered bring him to live with us when we moved in together in an apartment that allowed cats, but decided it was best he stayed with Kevin's parents since I would not allow him to be an outdoor cat and the stress of not being able to go outside after 17 years of free roaming would not be good for him.   After his stroke and recovery he started dropping weight and his spine was becoming very obvious so Kevin's parents started giving him two meals of moist food a day instead of one (cats eat based on sense of smell and he may not have been able to smell the dry food they had out for him anymore).  The last few days, without warning his size shot up, although his weight did not seem much higher and his spine was still obvious, and he was mouth breathing which he had also never done before.  So yesterday Kevin's parents took him to be seen by a vet and while we do not know specifically what was wrong, it was agreed by all that due to his advanced age and the quick deterioration he seemed to be having that it would be kindest to let him go.

I miss Tiger very much and last night was a very long one once I had stopped distracting myself to go to sleep.  I think both of our cats knew something was wrong because both of them tried very hard to stay with me most of the night while I was crying.
Sims 2 SimSelf, The Sims 2

Sixth Rotation: Davis and Gindorf

And now for something happier, lots of The Sims 2 pictures (there will be three posts about this rotation, sorry for the flooding of any Friend Pages this may result in).  I didn't realize I hadn't posted any of rotation six when I finished it off on the 2nd so I am glad I checked to make sure what needed to go up.


Kaylynn got her first baby bump, then rolled the want for Grilled Cheese.

That sounds about right.
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