I found out I can upload the pictures to Twitpic and it I have not yet found a file limit on the site. I don't intend to use it this way all of the time because that is really not what it is intended for, but since it was easier and faster and this is just to show a small amount of what has been happening in the game I figured it was okay.

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Some things I would recommend:
  • Expect to do some skill building before the first trip
    • I would focus on Athletic, Handiness, and Fishing before the first trip
    • Go to China first and get the martial arts training tools, you only really need one.
    • Once you get to level three somewhere, buy a home and then start a garden because some of the adventures ask for better fruits and veg than you will find growing in the land (and in the case of Egypt I never found any growing in the land).
  • Find the general merchant on your first trip and buy a tent (if the tomb is big enough you can use it inside them, not all of them are big enough). Your Sim will not do anything with traps if they are too tired so watch the meter.
  • Buy at least two dried foods for each day your Sim is at the destination.
  • Buy at least one shower in a can for each day your Sim is at a destination (I double it, but often had many left over)
  • You will end up with a lot of relics and gems/metals, buy a display case for each room and use them to bring up your room values (I even used them in the bathroom). What you don't need to use, buy the trunk for that country from the general merchant and put the excess in there (I have one for China stuff and one for Egypt stuff, I have an extra for all of the gems and metals).

If i think of more I will add them later.

I have an idea that I am working on which I will use to better go over the World Adventure additions, but that will take a little while to get to because I want my test family to go to Egypt first. I am currently in the process of building up my Sims that will be in the "story" version of World Adventure play and since that is boring, no photos from them for now.