November 26th, 2009

The Sims 3, Sims 3 SimSelf

The Sims 3: World Adventures; play so far with no pictures

So I got The Sims 3: World Adventures a couple of days after its release (Kevin ordered it for me from and in my limited playing capacity I have made a new test Sim (Daniel Jackson because it seemed very Star Gatey since Egypt was included) and set him down in Riverview. I gave him the traits Adventurous, Handy, Athletic, Brave, and Daredevil since he would be going through tombs and these seemed the most likely to make him a successful Adventure Man (what I named the save). He got a job in the Military (very Star Gatey) and actually did so well during the first week of work he was promoted to level 4 by the time the week ended and I thought he had saved enough money to go on a trip to China, which he had rolled the want for.

The first trip to China he began his training in the Martial Arts and took on one Adventure to spar with another Sim. He was given a second part to mediate for 2 hours before his time ran up, but he was not yet skilled enough to mediate. By the time the trip was over he had only earned 25% of the points needed to get his visa to level 1. Also, I was not able to find the general store sales person so he was unable to continue his martial arts training while he was home and I had been unable to by him a tent or dried food.

He went back to work for a couple of weeks to build up more money and I was determined to complete the first Adventure he started on the next trip to China. During his second trip he skilled up to level 5 in martial arts and then mediated for 2 hours and got his next task which was to explore his first tomb. I managed to find the item that was needed from the tomb before the timer ran out, but I had not cleared the tomb. At the end of the second trip I was about 70% to visa level 1 and still had not fully completed my first adventure.

He went back home and worked for another week with the constant want to fully explore a tomb. I sent him back to China for a third time and had him hand over the item retrieved from the tomb not realizing that the name of the tomb was different from the name of its location and it would take me 10 minutes just to find it again. Fortunately I did finally locate the tomb again and he was able to complete it with little problem. I was also finally able to find the person running the general store, bought a tent, food, and several shower in a cans since there are a lot of fire traps in all of the tombs.

Other things of note: His entire home is underground (I just thought it would be cool and I wanted to try out the new basement tool). He rolled the want to go to Egypt on his own during his last trip to China so we will be going there next. I think the World Adventures Expansion pack added a lot to the game and I find myself wanting my Sims to go on vacation more than I wanted them to with Bon Voyage or the Vacation expansion pack for The Sims (original game). I think the "adventures" given by locals and the tomb exploring give a lot more interest to the game than the other two versions did and while Sims may not age on vacation, they can die (something I am hoping to avoid). I enjoyed the base game, not so much that I couldn't put it down even with my limited time per play (since I went a month without playing it) but since I have gotten World Adventures, every time I have played a Sims game, it has been that one.

The reason there are no pictures is that I only have World Adventures installed on our mac laptop and the file sizes of the in game images are over a meg each. I have to put them on a thumb drive and then move them to my desktop (which is a pc) and use photoshop to resize them to inline with The Sims 2 image sizes (right now the files are large enough to print as actual photographs which I am tempted to do since my father owns a camera store and lab). As soon as I find myself in a moment where I am able to go through the images and come up with something intelligent to say about them, I will upload them and post the pictures.