The last month has been more difficult than expected and my brain has not wanted to work the majority of the time thanks to my migraines.  I also found out that my knee pain was not because of arthritis like originally thought, but because the muscles on the outsides of my legs are so tight they are pulling the knee caps off center; fortunately this is correctable with exercises, unfortunately I have been banned from most exercises I would normally do as well as walking up and down stairs which we have in this apartment.

I have asked Kevin to help make sure I spend a little time each day on the computer playing Sims even if my head isn't working fully because it is one of the more enjoyable things I can do.  Hopefully I will be able to slowly build back up to the 30 minute play I was doing originally since right now I don't think I could stand the monitor for that long.  Once I do get back to 30 minutes of play time I will try and post again on what my Sims are doing.