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We are back to Driftwood and my crazy idea of building up to 60 families of play. I am hoping they will all fit in Driftwood, but that might make the neighborhood too large so I am prepared to add on a second (and third if necessary) neighborhood when needed, but that won't be for a while.

I am on the fifth rotation, which for me, is really saying something because I am not one to stick with something for a long time (don't worry Mountainshade1, I do plan on working on the Blossoming Hearts legacy again, once I am further along in this and feel like I have a better change of playing the Sims without them all dying). This is also remarkable in that I haven't thrown out my neighborhood and restarted when I did something I considered a bad choice or things did not go the way I wanted to. I am an OCD kind of planner (you should see my Disney vacation notes, that I am working on for my upcoming Disney trip, in 2013!) and when things do not go perfectly in a game, I start over. Well, I am trying to break that habit, and I think I am doing pretty well so far.

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Part two of the Fifth Rotation and we will cover three houses this time because none of them had a lot of photos.

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I will be away from playing The Sims 2 and 3 for a little while; Kevin got me My Sims Agent for the Wii and I am OCD person when I play a My Sims game, I must finish it before I will do anything else.  It probably won't be for long, Kevin figures I will be done with the by the end of the week, I think it will take longer than that because I have no idea how long the game is.  I am also working on setting up something else that I will be posting about but you will just have to wait to find out what that is.  Just wanted to put this up here so if the blog isn't active for a couple of weeks to a month, no one worries.