Toddlers are worse to take care of than infants in The Sims 3.  Because you have to teach them to Walk, Talk and Go Potty before they age or you do not get to pick their traits, there is added pressure to gets these out of the way before you age them up.  Add to that the fact that I have four toddlers to deal with at once and it is  getting me close to pulling my hair out and we only played for three days.  There are no pictures on this post because I only took one picture and it was of the maids car.

I think all of the children are at least started on their trainings, one of them just needs the potty training to complete the list.  I am thinking as they each finish they will be pushed forward to childhood, even though I am playing on epic and have 75 days of toddlerhood I could enjoy.  I think if they had one or two toddlers it could be fun, but going for that third child while the other two were still infants was a mistake on my part.

The babysitters are completely useless, I have stuck the video game system in the family inventory and I am considering doing the same with the tv.  I am also thinking of firing the maid until the kids are children because the babysitter keeps wandering off and talking to the maid and then neither one of them are doing anything.  Also, when you have a choice between feeding and starving child and changing a dirty nappy, feed the starving child first and then go change the nappy of the other one (this happened more than once).

The one good thing in all of this, both parents are now friends, if not best friends, with all of their children because of the training sessions.