I told Kevin I wanted to try and alternate the days I play The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 since I like both and don't want to forget about The Sims 3 game he spent a lot of money getting for me. It was a lot of money because he got the game, the guide, a new green binder that matched the box, more paper, a special pencil, note cards, and a few Sims Cash Cards because Best Buy was doing half off at the time, he probably spent over $120 by the time everything was done and that for us is about three months worth of entertainment budget. Fortunately I can re-read Sims guides several dozen times without getting bored and we were trying to play the game (in very short bursts).

So what does this mean for The Sims 2 game, updates will take slightly longer to get out but should still be pretty regular.

Generally, all play in The Sims 3 is done by both Kevin and me with him doing the clicking. He made it through week two and then went to bed (he learned about the 3 button while skilling) and because I got really sucked into it, I played for two more weeks. I now have a lot of pain in my head and will probably not be playing anything today, but that is my fault, I should have known better when he said we had put in an hour doing one week.
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