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We are back with the third rotation of pictures. I am breaking this in to three entries because the first and third houses had several pictures and I didn't want the page to take too long to load.

Day 7: Virgon Maxed Knowledge but I missed the picture. If you can see behind him there is an ambulance, apparently he was just demoted, not fired.
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This is a short post because other than dropping Social way to fast and the one person he is friends with never being home to accept a phone call, Caprica didn't do much interesting.

Day 4: Caprica got promoted to Drive Through Clerk
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Welcome to the third and last Sim of the third rotation.  This is our new Sim for the rotation and other than having a really unfortunate first name, he is also a Family Sim and nicer than the other Sims currently living in the neighborhood.

Our newest Sim was added to the neighborhood at the beginning of the rotation, and was moved into Town House 1 BR 1 BA. If this home looks familiar, it is the residence of Delilah O'Feefe in Académie Le Tour.
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