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The first roll of the dice resulted in an 18, which land us on a Knowledge Virgo who should get a job in Medicine with a bonus Sim getting a job in Science.

The low resolution image of Virgon and Marshall Davis before I realized I had not set the file size for images in the game.


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The Sims 3 came out not long after my migraines had started and so I didn't get to play it much in the beginning but really wanted to. After a while the medicine that I had been given was causing me so many mental problems (I could barely concentrate to walk) so to help me, Kevin decided he would play the game with me since my coordination was completely gone.

He created Alexzander and setup the house for him (I think I did the kitchen and bathroom over the course of a week before Kevin took over). When we played it would be for one Sim day each day that we played, this was in part because we paused the game every other minute so I could try and tell Kevin what I wanted to do next. After about a month we had only managed to play for one Sim weeks worth of time.

Then Kevin broke his right arm and wasn't able to use the computer very well until now. We only played for one or two Sim days today and so I thought I would post the pictures from what we did before and the new one we took today. One thing I will note is that Kevin is much nicer to his Sims than I am, all of mine start with the cheapest stuff I can buy them while he set up the house with fairly nice stuff, not much of it, but it was nice stuff.

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