Have I ever mentioned I am OCD when it comes to planning and spreadsheet? If not, well, I am. Since books and paper currently do not cause migraines (although, concentrating for periods of time can make my head feel like mush) I spent a lot of time (after the patch problem) figuring out what to do with my Sim playing to achieve my goal of trying out everything.

I made charts of which Astrological signs default point spreads would be best for which job and then I made a chart of which job is most desired by which Aspiration and then I combined the two to make a chart of which Sim in my 60 Sim plan would get which job. Not stopping there I also listed which head they would get, which skin tone, which hair color, and which eye color (not including my custom one). Then I added in the first names which all have something to do with their Astrology sign. I am still working on the last names because I don't know what to use for all of them. I am thinking of using Billionaire last names for Fortune and Mensa member last names for Knowledge, but what do you do for Family, Romance, and Popularity. I am thinking Romance novel authors for Romance and possibly presidents for Popularity (because they have to be popular). Family I am completely baffled on, maybe see if there is a way to look up large families (one would be called Duggar for sure if I do that). Thoughts, idea, any help would be appreciated.

In the process I did find there are certain Aspiration/Astrology/Job combinations that should be the most ideal although I was not always able to use them in the final list. I have decided when I play those Aspiration/Astrology signs I will actually play two Sims, one in the listed career and one in the ideal career. The reason not all ideal career combos could be used is sometimes there was another career that if not used in its place would end up with a very poor sign mix and so I was basing my choices on what would allow for the best combinations for all jobs.

The ideal Aspiration/Astrology/Job list:

Gemini: Athletic (was used on final list)
Leo: Business (bonus Sim)
Sagittarius: Criminal (was used on final list)

Virgo: Medical (was used on final list)
Virgo: Science (bonus Sim)


Leo: Slacker (was used on final list)

Gemini: Athletic (was used on final list)
Gemini: Military (bonus Sim)
Leo: Politics (bonus Sim)

I think the bonus Sims will get my custom purple eyes I made to help make them stand out.

I have also decided I am going to roll to determine the order of play.  I have dice I am going to roll and count off who gets played next based on who the last Sim to be played was.  I have 20 sided dice so I can roll numbers higher than 12 and may skip a whole Aspiration when playing each round.