September 6th, 2009

Sims 2 SimSelf, The Sims 2

Patch for the exchange causing The Sims 2 to crash

So I patched the game for the exchange (in case I want to upload a Sim or a lot) and now the game crashes when I get a burglar and Body Shop crashes when I try and go to the third page of Sims).  Fortunately this is just on my primary computer and I still have all of the files on my secondary computer so I uninstalled from the primary and will reinstall again soon.  Then I will copy the files back over and play through Ram's home again for three days.

I guess I just won't use the exchange again.  Fortunately I am only loosing three days on Ram's home because I got a headache and couldn't finish Nephele Knowledge and my Family Sim's Home (I guess I will have to make him again).  Stupid patch


The reinstall allows Body Shop to work so I am going to hope that means the game won't crash either.  Now to decide if I copy the files over again or recreate Ram and Nephele (I hadn't played them that long so it wouldn't take long to get them back where they were).  My only concern with copying the files over is I can't say for certain it wasn't the files from the secondary computer because that is a Vista and the primary one is an XP so maybe they don't like each other when it comes to file transfer for the game (considering I had to tell it to run in compatibility mode on the Vista).  Then again, it was most likely the patch, but still, I will think about it for a little while.
Sims 2 SimSelf, The Sims 2

Custom Content: Purple Eyes

While I try and figure out what to do with my game I thought I would try my hand at custom content making that I never do. I have made a tee shirt or two before (I don't consider that to be that hard), but I have never tried to make a genetic piece for a Sim. The below is a picture from Body Shop showing what my husband and I were able to do with Photoshop.

My first attempt at Sims 2 Genetics

I must say, my husband is a Photoshop pro and knows a lot more about it than I do (although I have been pretty successful myself). He did a lot of the work in showing me how to make the change to just the eye area instead of the whole image file. Fortunately he doesn't mind me using his computer to make these files so I may try it again. Not sure if I will upload the Sim anywhere since I am sure I have not made anything new or better than anyone has ever seen before, I just wanted to give it a try since I never had before.