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I read the Prima Guides repeatedly for The Sims 2 and all of the expansion packs installed at the time I am re-reading them. I probably have some of them memorized I have read them so many times. I realized when I started to re-read The Sims 2 one again yesterday that I forgot to includes one very large task I would like to complete before installing University. I want to play all of the Sims in the Maxis made neighborhoods for one full generation (one generation equals the full length of time it takes to get a baby born and to an adult in game, the youngest born in the home has to be an adult).

I have played all of the Maxis made homes before, but usually I cannot get past a Sim week on a one day rotation schedule. After the first week I start to have a hard time deciding what to do with the Sims (except for Don, I always know what to do with Don; can you say "alien babies"?) I generally do better with Pleasantview because it is the first one on the list and so it is the one I have worked with the most and there is more inter-neighborhood-drama going on for me to sort out.

I thought I would take some time to figure out what to do with them and write up the ideas in blog posts, one for each home (some may be split up because they have so many children already and it will take a while to write it up). So you can expect to start seeing some random posts pop up every now and then once I have completed the plan for a home. Once I have completed all of the plans (since I figure it will take me a while, I hope to be done with my other list by then) I will start trying to put them in to practice. Based on the last time I made a plan, I had all of the expansion packs installed considering it said stuff about Hobbies and Lifetime wants so this should be interesting to do without making everyone have the same plan.
  • Pleasantview Homes
    • Don Lothario
    • Mortimer, Cassandra, and Alexander Goth
    • Nina and Dina Caliente
    • Brandi, Dustin, Beau, and unborn child Broke
    • Darren and Dustin Dreamer
    • Daniel, Mary-Sue, Angela, and Lilith Pleasant
    • Herb and Coral Oldie
    • John, Jennifer, and Lucy Burb
  • Strangetown
    • Lazlo, Pascal, and Vidcund Curious
    • Olive and Ophelia Spector
    • Nervous Subject, Loki and Circe Beaker
    • Pollination Tech #9, Jenny, Johnny, and Jill Smith
    • Buzz, Tank, Rip, and Buck Grunt
    • Ajay Loner
    • Erin, Lola, Chloe, and Kristen Singles
  • Veronavile
    • Consort, Tybalt, Hermia, and Juliette Capp
    • Patrizio, Isabella, Mercutio, and Romeo Monty
    • Oberon, Titania, Puck, and Bottom Summerdream
    • Albany, Goneril, Miranda, Hal, Desdemona, and Ariel Capp
    • Antonio, Benedick, and Beatrice Monty
    • Regan, Cornwall, and Kent Capp
    • Bianca Monty
I am including all of the Sim Bin Sims as well.  Most likely, once I have installed University, and each expansion pack following, I will make new plans based on the new features of the expansion pack and replay them using the new plans.  This will probably take me years to get through all of the expansion packs (stuff packs do not require new plans) but at least it will keep me entertained.

I moved all of my Sims 2 files for this neighborhood over to my primary computer because the secondary computer is mainly used for iTunes and is rather poor on the processing power.  I checked to make sure everything was still working and it all loaded correctly so I think we are good to go.  The below pictures where taken before the transfer.

Ram Fortune

Marisa came home with Ram on his second day of work

Marisa came home with Ram on his second day of work

Their relationship also made it to Friends by the time she left.

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Kevin got us tickets to see Mraz on October 9th.  I happen to love Mraz's music so I am super excited.