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I have always played my Sims the same way, I even played all of the Sims in the original game the same way, they skill, skill, skill, and then die eventually. Because this is pretty much all I do, most of my Sims don't live that long with EPs installed, and the ones that do make it don't have much of a life unless they are Knowledge Sims, which is primarily what I play. I am attempting to change that by playing with just the base game for The Sims 2. My goal is to master the different aspirations and personality types available in the game and also try and be a little better at building since all of my homes and community lots all tend to look the same. Below is a list of goals that I want to achieve before I install University and and try to master that.

Create community lots that are functional and look at least sort of nice (not box stores). I need to make lots for each of the main activities currently available on community lots:

  • Grocery store
  • Park with swimming pool
  • Clothing store
  • Video game store / aracde
  • Dance club / bar
Note to self: All lots need at least one grill and a bathroom.

Try and use different lot sizes, they don't all need to be 5 x 5 (this is true for homes and community lots.)

I will try and take Sims to community lots at least once a week.

I will try not to just flatten lots as soon as I set them. If the lot is on the side of a mountain then flattening part of it is okay so long as the edges are softened to look more natural.

In regards to Sims:
In order to learn more about the aspirations and astrological signs I am going to try and play through each aspiration 12 times, one for each astrological sign. I'll alternate between male and females on the astrological signs as I make them. This will give me plenty of time to learn the aspirations and see how the different personalities work with each aspiration and have a better idea of what works best with what. This does mean playing 60 Sims eventually.
  • Aspiration is considered mastered when I get a platinum gravestone for the aspiration (because I never get platinum gravestones).
  • Use a different head for each Sim (there are 29 heads per gender so only one will be repeated.)  All of my Sims end up looking the same normally.
  • To begin with each Sim will live alone for at least the first week (because my houses always end up full too quickly.)
  • Children cannot be born in until at least the second week (see item above.)
  • Sim families created in game should only have one child until I can consistently have all of the toddler skills learned and they grow up well through adulthood. Private school will be attempted.
    • Will repeat that process with two through six children
  • Once I have mastered single Sims I can start creating Sim couples or moving Sims in on the first couple of days.
  • I will try and skill only when they roll the want to skill (Fortune and Knowledge Sims usually want to learn skills, just for different reasons).
  • I will try and actually achieve the wants of my Sims instead of just making them skill all day long (unless that is what they want to do because they are Knowledge.)

In regards to the objects, I will try and use each object in the game at least once, this includes career and aspiration rewards that I normally ignore.

Finish playing through one generation of the Maxis pre-made Sims since I generally don't get past one week.
I actually managed to spend a large amount of time on the computer today and only really feel pressure in my head but no pain. This occasionally happens, but not often.

Today was spent downloading all base game only compatible stuff from Maxis on The Sims 2 website and then adding it to the game.

I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to build on a slope without having to just flatten the lot and making it look really strange from below. The pictures below show the results. To learn more about each picture, click on it for a more detailed description.

Corner picture of Food and Stuff

Lots more to read if you are interested...Collapse )