I made the mistake of trying to download something from The Sims 2 store (just the free items that are store exclusives) and I didn't realize it was going to add in Lifetime Wants (I was just playing with the base game), Chemistry, and the bug where you cannot call Service Sims you have meet and are friends with on the phone. Also, the five items I tried to download never actually installed and are stuck somewhere so I had to uninstall everything (even the base game) and I am starting over again.

The base game is currently installing again and I am trying to decided if I want to add University as well since Lifetime Wants do generally make the Elder years easier, if you have been able to complete the want. This also gives me the added benefit of being able to start with a Townie Teen and not actually having to make a Sim because I can just ship someone off to college, max their skills while they are there and then adulthood is much easier.

But then I skip the point I was trying to achieve by just playing with the base game, I wanted to tackle all of the challenges the base game allows before moving on to University. I still feel like I am missing some of the fun of the base game because the expansion packs were added so quickly and I never really mastered one before the next was added and so I was always falling behind. This may explain why every time I try to make Kevin and me in the game, I always die shortly after child birth (I cried when it happened after the Seasons expansion pack because shortly after that our cats, which I had also made in the game, ran away from home in the game.)

I think I will just install the base game for now and then sleep on the University idea. If I wake up thinking University is a good idea, I'll go ahead and install. If I wake up and still can't decide, I'll leave it off while I try and do a better job of mastering the different aspirations in the game and actually completing some of the wants I don't generally do.

As an aside, I may have to only play once or twice a week (which is better than not at all) because for the last three days I have had a really bad headache. This may have been because of a new problem that popped up (fortunately it was a temporary one and it seems to have finally passed) or it may have been my brain telling me 30 minutes a day was too much. I know I have done more than 30 minutes today, but there have been large gaps between the trying to download from The Sims 2 Store and finding out it caused problems with the game because it tried to make all the features of the expansion packs available without them being installed (I also lost the jewelry display stand somehow) and reinstalling the game (about eight hours). I guess we will find out with this new week.