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So, being sick has its disadvantages for sure, but it also has its advantages in that, when I am too sick to think about work (because I need to be able to write to clients without offending someone), but I can’t sleep (for some reason, I’m blaming it on the medicine, I have become an insomniac) I play The Sims 2 because I am not as worried if I mess something up on there. 



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 So I started with Amy Jones (former Newspaper delivery person) by herself in my first Townie Town neighborhood. Turns out she is a Popularity Sims who would like to someday be The Law (that sounds so weird but whatever turns you on). I decided I would let her pick how I play her and would only do things that helped whatever is in her want panel (my normal method of play is to max all skills, no matter what the aspiration is, most of my Sims hate me). I also decided I am going to finally let my Sims get out of wherever they are living (in this case a dorm) and go places, so you will probably see some random entries about what I think is good or bad about somewhere coming up, really soon. 


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Okay, so I was clicking through The Sims 2 Stories exchange to see if there was anything I could find that would be interesting to read. While clicking through I saw a super close up of a Sims face, I looked to the title, Super Fast…, and then I looked to the author and saw cowforbrains. I knew I had to read it.


The idea behind the Legacy is to make the founder a Plantsim and then have 10 generations of Plantsims. You never have to marry them, they go from toddler straight to adult, and they only need light, water, and “love”. The other cool thing is whatever skills the parent has the toddler inherits.



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