So this year one of my biggest and most important resolutions for the New Year was to try and be healthier (eat better, feel better, act like I feel better even when I don’t, etc…). I have IBS-A, which I will probably talk about in a separate post at some time but not right now, so trying to be healthy and feeling good is a challenge, pretty much all of the time.


So when I got sick two days before 2009 officially rolled around in my time zone, I was not exactly excited, but I thought I could get over it before the New Year. What started out feeling like food poisoning turned into over a week of the stomach flu. Well, no big deal, got the major illness for the year out of the way early and the rest will be great right?


No! Since Thursday (last week) I have been going through more hell than I went through with the stomach flu because something other than my stomach hurts and that is more painful for me because I am used to my stomach hurting and so I am better at dealing with it. On Thursday last week I started coughing, not totally continuous, but enough for it to be noticed at work, and enough to make me think, I should probably stay home the next day so I don’t spread whatever this around. It will probably sort itself out over the weekend so I will just need one sick day (I am lucky in that my work allows me to work from home and make up time because of my IBS-A so if I am sick for another reason, I don’t want to abuse that generosity) and I should be better by the time we come back on Tuesday (thank goodness this started before a three day weekend, I’ll get lots of time to rest). 



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