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Internet is slow and my head still hurts

After our power outage the internet has either been slow, 50 kbs or less, or it has been down, mostly down.  This has sort of been a non-issue for me because I haven't even been playing The Sims (any version until last night) when I tried The Sims 3 again on my laptop because that seems to be the least likely computer to cause me problems.  The internet problem may be water on the line or the router got damaged in the power outage, we still don't know and we have many more weeks of rain coming because it is the rainy season hear until April.  I blew past my normal one week Sim time for play but not much has changed for Moon Beam (my Sims 3 legacy Sim) so when I do post about it, it will probably still be a very short update.  I did learn one thing though in the process; if you are stealing from someone's home and you come back a couple weeks later, the stuff you stole is replaced with the exact same stuff.  This is cool and I am hoping it is also the same for community lots because then I will not feel so bad about stealing from them in the game.

Those following my twitter page may have seen a post about trying a gluten from diet to help with my head, didn't really work there but I have lost 5 pounds and I am still basically eating the same, just nothing with gluten.  The other good thing to come from it is that I have not had any of the painful stomach issues I normally do when eating so this may help with resolving the IBS issue (the one issue I figured I was doomed to live with for the rest of my life since I have had it since birth).  I am hoping that maybe loosing weight will help with the migraine issues so we are sticking with the gluten free diet for a while longer and will attempt to make it healthier so time goes on. 

Okay, head is getting stabbing pain again, not sure when I will be back online due to the internet issues, so if I do not post for a while, don't worry.
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