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Outside my bedroom window January 19, 2010.

Our power is currently out so I am posting this from Kevin's parents.  Because it is still bucketing rain and the power line the is somewhere in an open space area, we are not sure when it is going to be turned back on.
Nice. We had a rainbow here on Monday, it was very bright and had multiple arches. It's times like that I wish I had a camera.
I told Kevin it was lucky the power went out because we never would have seen it otherwise.

I have almost always had a camera, but my father owns a camera store so it was never difficult to acquire one. What is nice is that the digital ones have really come down in price for the 5 meg which is what I consider the minimum if you want to print photo quality pictures. A lot of cell phones also have cameras on them which is what Kevin initially used before he took this photo (since we did not know how long it would last.)
I love rainbows, and that is a beautiful pic. Every time I see a rainbow I think of my dad. After his funeral Stephen was driving me home (about a 30 minute trip)and the whole way home we were following a rainbow. I know it's silly, but I imagined my Dad was trying to tell me that everything is going to be okay. I had forgotten about that until just now when I saw your picture. I really needed to be reminded of that today. Thanks for sharing it.
That is a really touching story, thank you for sharing it with me. I am glad you have something like a rainbow to associate with a comforting thought about your Dad, especially after something like a funeral. *hugs*

I love rainbows as well, they always make me happy even though we rarely see them.
Awww!! Thats an amazing photo!
Thank you; all credit must go to my wonderful husband Kevin who took the photo after I said we should take a photo.
Awwww, beautiful. I love when you can see the 'double rainbow' :P
This was the first time I have seen a double rainbow so that made it extra special for me.