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Like the Caliente Household, the Broke Household is a very split household for me. I despise Brandi a great deal because her bedroom is worth 45% of the furniture value of the home. I also believe that Dustin gets a bad rep due to the Prima Guide and mine always rolls the want to teach Beau to talk and is generally well behaved ignoring his career track, which I feel is more a reflection of their situation and less of his being a bad person.

The Prima Guide tells you Dustin is a "troublesome" son and to focus all of Brandi's efforts on teaching Beau his toddler skills. Then you are to allow Brandi to Lecture Dustin when he gets home from high school. Dustin gets a kiss from Angela Pleasant, but then the rest is all Beau, Beau, Beau. And they want you to age Beau up to childhood a day early.

First, the reorganization and furnishing of the Broke home (just a note, clicking on the photos will make them larger).

And now to begin the day...

Brandi: "Hey everyone, welcome to my home. I am in the local contest for mother of the year and this is just a sampling to show you how great I am."

Dustin to self: "Yeah, she has been eying a new sculpture for her room and needs the money."

Brandi: "Did you say something honey?"

Dustin: "No mom, nothing you need to worry about."

Brandi: "Good, I wouldn't want anything to go wrong today. Yuck, I don't feel so good, I'll be right back."

Short bit later after Brandi has seen the change to which room she sleeps in and its lack of stuff.

Brandi: "Where did all of my stuff go?"

Dustin: "Okay Beau, I know you won't be a toddler forever but if you want any attention from mom you are going to need to learn how to talk. Darn it, the school bus is here already. When I get back, I promise we will work on this again."

Brandi: "I paint to help pay the bills. Dustin has a job as well, I think it helps build character when teenagers have a job." Brandi to self, "now if he could just get a promotion, useless git. Back to speaking to the came, "now, as you can see, Beau is happy as a clam playing with his bunny there."

Brandi: "See, I potty trained Beau; I am a great mother."

Dustin thinking to self: "I am so happy, oh my goodness she really let me kiss her. I can get through anything now."

Dustin (shouting): "Mom, do you think you could help me with my homework."

Brandi: "Not now sweety, the thought of homework gives mommy a headache."

Dustin: "Okay, thanks anyway." Thinking to himself: "I can do this, Angela believes in me, she wouldn't love me if she didn't."

Dustin: "Okay Beau, are you ready to work on learning to talk again?"

Dustin: "Good job Beau, I am so proud of you."

And no, Brandi does not win the mother of the year award.

I am skipping The Sims 3 post for this rotation because I didn't play the Maxis Made home I planned to this week.  This day I was supposed to play it was not a good day at all.  The next post will be The Sims and will be on the 22nd (hopefully).
I did a no No and deleted the Brokes and Pleasants from my hood. I am expecting bad things to happen in the future because of it. :)
Can't wait to see what someone else does with the neighborhood.

Yes, I have heard really bad things can happen when you do something like deleting a family from the neighborhood. I do not know how many people have actually had really bad things happen, but hopefully you will not have a problem any time soon.
The "bad things" are mostly related to information being left hanging around after the sims are deleted. Those who knew them will talk about them and spread gossip about them so that those bits of information get propagated to every sim in the hood. Then, one day, a baby will be born with the character file of one of the deleted sims. This kid will probably end up having adult wants and an adult LTW. I don't know about you but a toddler with the LTW to woohoo 20 different sims and wants to woohoo their neighbours is quite creepy, IMO. But that will most likely be Daniel Pleasant's legacy to some future kid born with his character ID file...

ETA: forgot to add that the "jump bug" will probably also afflict this hood sooner or later, at which point it will become unplayable.

I just find it easier to kill or ignore the sims I don't like.

Edited at 2010-01-19 06:54 am (UTC)
You know, a long time ago I had children with Lifetime Wants before they even had Aspirations, I don't remember deleting Sims from my game ever but nothing says it is impossible that I just don't remember doing that.

What if no one ever met the family; when I first did the Marissa chapter in my Suichi Legacy it was in the Legacy Neighborhood. I had not read about the very bad things happening before I did this so I did not know it was a problem. Right now I am only working with the base game and hope to make it through all ten generations with just the base game, but I would like to not have to change neighborhoods.
If nobody met them, then probably nothing major will happen. Though a kid may still be born with adult wants, etc, because when a sim is deleted, their character file is ripped apart.

There were no LTWs before Uni. The Aspirations have been there since the beginning, eg. Brandi has been a Family sim since the base game, but she did not have a LTW in the base game.
Well, i'm on generation 3 and nothing horrible Yet *fingers crossed* LOL

BTW I am enjoying your take on Pleasantview. It is fun to see how others play.
I am glad to read nothing bad has happened so far in your neighborhood.

I am glad you are enjoying my Pleasantview. I also like seeing how other people deal with the present scenarios and work through them or in some cases, ignore them.
I like your interpretation of Brandi as selfish and money-oriented. I never really went that far in my interpretation of her, but I have never seen Dustin as "troublesome", either. I always stop her from lecturing Dustin when he returns home from school because I find that action totally unnecessary.

Then again, like many people, I usually also find Lilith the nicer twin to play than Angela, who has a bit of a nasty streak to her despite her "sweetness and light" demeanor.
I have never seen Brandi as a good mother since seeing how much her bedroom was worth compared to the rest of the house.

I also agree with the Pleasant Twins. I don't think Angela is too bad in general for me, but she never makes it easy for Lilith to try and apologize when I am struggling to get their relationship out of the red.
It has always bugged me that Brandi's bedroom was furnished so lavishly and it makes me wonder if it was like that when Skip was still alive or if she did that afterwards. If she did it afterwards then what on earth were her plans? To run a brothel?

I must admit though, I usually play Brandi with sympathy and basically try to make her and her sons' lives better. A bit boring, I know. In my current Pleasantview she has had twin boys who are now children and Dustin is away at Uni, and Beau is a teen and Angela is his girlfriend.
Gah, I feel like opening up my game now and play them. :D
The first time I saw her room with all that red I thought it looked like a brothel. I am not sure when it was supposed to have happened but I keep thinking after with the insurance money in my own mentally generated version of events.

Brandi's life will not be too bad, she isn't going to have to work thanks to a seriously cheaper bedroom, but she is going to be a slave to raising her children. I am not sure which of the three boys will inherit the house, most likely the last one just due to bedroom configuration, but I could break my general rule of not changing walls. I don't generally change furniture but felt I had to when I saw her room and given there wasn't enough room in Dustin's for another bed...
I hope things will go well for them, I read a story of this family quite some time ago and things were all so terrible for them.
My Sims generally have pretty good lives (Don and Dina are the only exceptions) so I would not worry too much about them.
I've never thought about Brandi's room twice, tbh, but you are so right! All her furniture its actually pretty luxurious for her situation.

You're making me rethink my whole vision of her now, and it wasn't too good already. She always strikes me as either drunk or extremely lazy and irresponsible.

And totally agree about Dustin. He isn't bad, he's just does his best.
I sometimes wonder if EA/Maxis does stuff like that (the furniture in Brandi's room) to give us a hint a what they really think of the Sim even if it is not what the Prima guide says. Granted, Dustin did have a pinball machine as well and that was sold also, but it did not cost has much as Brandi's bed if I remember correctly.

You're making me rethink my whole vision of her now, and it wasn't too good already. She always strikes me as either drunk or extremely lazy and irresponsible.

Success, I have brought someone around to my way of thinking, hahahaha, not really, but I do appreciate that reading my interpretation of the family made someone look at theirs again. I think everyone's idea is a valid one for the way they view the game/family. I am also someone who likes justification for everything so I always look to justify my own reasoning, that may be why I over explain things sometimes.
I have also always found Brandi's bedroom very 'suspicious' and have developed my own interpretation of her situation and the alleged Maxis 'messing up' with her memories and the unborn child: I think after Skip died Brandi has made her living through the 'world's oldest profession". That would explain, why her room looks like a brothel and the baby that is conceived after Skip died. And then Maxis had to cover this up because of the PG-rating and made a mess of the thing. It has always puzzled me, that no one else seems to have thought of this.
You know, I had that thought last night, I am glad I am not the only one.