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Pleasantview: Day One - Broke

Like the Caliente Household, the Broke Household is a very split household for me. I despise Brandi a great deal because her bedroom is worth 45% of the furniture value of the home. I also believe that Dustin gets a bad rep due to the Prima Guide and mine always rolls the want to teach Beau to talk and is generally well behaved ignoring his career track, which I feel is more a reflection of their situation and less of his being a bad person.

The Prima Guide tells you Dustin is a "troublesome" son and to focus all of Brandi's efforts on teaching Beau his toddler skills. Then you are to allow Brandi to Lecture Dustin when he gets home from high school. Dustin gets a kiss from Angela Pleasant, but then the rest is all Beau, Beau, Beau. And they want you to age Beau up to childhood a day early.

First, the reorganization and furnishing of the Broke home (just a note, clicking on the photos will make them larger).

And now to begin the day...

Brandi: "Hey everyone, welcome to my home. I am in the local contest for mother of the year and this is just a sampling to show you how great I am."

Dustin to self: "Yeah, she has been eying a new sculpture for her room and needs the money."

Brandi: "Did you say something honey?"

Dustin: "No mom, nothing you need to worry about."

Brandi: "Good, I wouldn't want anything to go wrong today. Yuck, I don't feel so good, I'll be right back."

Short bit later after Brandi has seen the change to which room she sleeps in and its lack of stuff.

Brandi: "Where did all of my stuff go?"

Dustin: "Okay Beau, I know you won't be a toddler forever but if you want any attention from mom you are going to need to learn how to talk. Darn it, the school bus is here already. When I get back, I promise we will work on this again."

Brandi: "I paint to help pay the bills. Dustin has a job as well, I think it helps build character when teenagers have a job." Brandi to self, "now if he could just get a promotion, useless git. Back to speaking to the came, "now, as you can see, Beau is happy as a clam playing with his bunny there."

Brandi: "See, I potty trained Beau; I am a great mother."

Dustin thinking to self: "I am so happy, oh my goodness she really let me kiss her. I can get through anything now."

Dustin (shouting): "Mom, do you think you could help me with my homework."

Brandi: "Not now sweety, the thought of homework gives mommy a headache."

Dustin: "Okay, thanks anyway." Thinking to himself: "I can do this, Angela believes in me, she wouldn't love me if she didn't."

Dustin: "Okay Beau, are you ready to work on learning to talk again?"

Dustin: "Good job Beau, I am so proud of you."

And no, Brandi does not win the mother of the year award.

I am skipping The Sims 3 post for this rotation because I didn't play the Maxis Made home I planned to this week.  This day I was supposed to play it was not a good day at all.  The next post will be The Sims and will be on the 22nd (hopefully).
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