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The Calientes' are a house divided when it comes to my affection, I think one is great and the other is not worthy of the plot line originally devised for her.  The method that I play them actually punishes everyone (including myself) but I try to make sure that Nina (the favored of the two) comes out with as little inconvenience as possible.

According to the Prima Guide Dina is supposed to marry Mortimer Goth and it is up to you whether you want his family to be brought along for the ride.  Then Nina is supposed to move out so Dina and Mortimer can live happily ever after.  This is not what I do.

Dina: "Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Dont cha, dont cha"

Nina: "No Dina, I don't think anyone wishes their girlfriend was like you."

Dina (shouting from roof): "I don't know why you are bothering to get a job. Once my sugar daddy moves in you will be moving out of town."

Nina: "Dina, I have a feeling you will not be getting Mortimer Goth like you think you are."

Dina to self: "What on earth would make Nina think I won't get Mortimer; it was practically predestined by the Maxis Lords."

Downstairs, outside, a little birdie has just let Mortimer know about what Dina is up to and while disappointed he will never get to see the trampoline trick, he is glad to never looked like a fool in the community and wanders off the lot.

Later that day...

Nina: "Don, it is so nice of you to drop by. What do you say to dropping by Dina's bedroom and making use of that double bed of hers."

Don: "I like your thinking."

Don: "Won't Dina hear us up here?"

Nina: "Sure, but why would you care about that, it's not like you WooHooed her."

Don: "Right, don't know what I was thinking."

Dina: "Don you jerk, I thought you loved me."

Don: "I thought you were marrying Mortimer."

Dina: "Well, that hasn't happened yet and you still shouldn't cheat on me with Nina of all people."

Don: "You cheated on Mortimer."

Dina: "It doesn't count until we are married."

Don: "Then why does it count when I WooHoo Nina?"

Dina: "It just does!"

 I have played and written the text for the Broke family in my handy dandy notebook so it will either be posted later today or tomorrow.  Right now my head feels like it is about to explode so it will be much later if there is any chance of tonight.
i feel like i'm one of the only people who never ever played according to the maxis prompts! i like my games more soap opera-y and sleazy because that's how i like to roll.
I actually find a lot of people do not play to the maxis prompts. I think the only neighborhood where I might is Veronaville but even there I do not follow exactly what it says to do. I think initially some people might, but if they restart their Maxis Made neighborhoods, they change it the next time, frequently using CAS Sims to marry people to instead of who it is suggested they marry.

Of course, my Don Lothario has always gotten alien pregnant in my Pleasantview but that is just the way I roll.


My neighborhoods generally do not become too soapoperay but the Sims I do not like do not have the fun lives they may have originally been intended.
Ehehe! I love the first two pictures/captions! :P
Ah, smart move Morty.
Dina, as soon as she started dancing that song popped in my head so I knew I had to use it, but what I wasn't expecting was Nina's expression. Once she pulled that, "oh hell no" look I knew exactly how to write the story.
Hm, now I am curious to read the Prima Guide. Good for you for making your own story though, I always disliked the idea of Mortimer getting together with Dina. There are so many nice elderly townie ladies going about, they need to get a chance to shine, they are usually doomed to eternal towniedom the poor things.
The prima guide has some interesting suggestions but most of them do not gel with how I feel about the Sim once I have read their history (memories) and general story line. This will become really obvious when I post the Broke album in a short bit. I am not totally sure who Mortimer will end up with yet, or if he will just be a proud father, but if he does end up with someone, it will be someone worthwhile.
I too like Nina better than Dina. Marrying someone for their money is just wrong.
I love the little argument there at the end. Immoral people always hold others standards they themselves can not uphold.
I love the little argument there at the end. Immoral people always hold others standards they themselves can not uphold.

I know; I think everyone has their hypocritical moments in life and I try to acknowledge mine when I find them and I try to correct them. But I have seen people blatantly use double standards to their own devices and when called on it, act like the other person is lying or that it doesn't apply to them.