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Random Acts - It Made My Day To Make Your Day

Today I decided was the day to bring all of the books I know there is no way I am going to read again to the used bookstore near us that buys them from their customers.  Part of the reason I won't read them again is I haven't opened most of them in over 10 years, it is just time, the other part of the reason is, I have been trying to work out what a sentence means in the intro to the most recent Wil Wheaton book; that is how difficult it is for me to comprehend stuff most days because I can spend an hour going over one sentence and still not have any idea what it means.  By the way, I did not sell the Wil Wheaton books, most of them are autographed and I really appreciate his writing when I can read it.

Shortly after we got to the bookstore these two college girls came up to the counter (they were selling books as well) and the one next to me looked down and seemed to be close to hyperventilating.  I had a copy of Alice In Wonderland on top of the stack (there were actually two copies of that book in there but that is besides the point) and she pointed at it and said something along the lines of "oh my god, I want to buy that book." Since I hadn't actually sold the books yet and they hadn't even started looking at my stack of books yet, I picked it up off the pile and handed it to her and told her "it's yours."  After about a minute of stunned disbelief and confirming with the person behind the counter that it was okay for me to give her a book I hadn't sold to them yet she went all giddy and thanked me several times.  Before they left her friend told me she had done a report on Alice In Wonderland at one point.  I was just happy to see her so happy and knowing the book went to someone who obviously is going to enjoy it Made My Day.

I like making people happy; I think that is why I like Christmas and Halloween so much, it  is an excuse to give people stuff I think they will like.  If I had the resources I would give random people stuff they want everyday, but at least today I was able to make someone happy who would have never expected it.  It was a good day.
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