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The Sims - Bob and Betty Newbie - weeks 5 and 6

Bob Newbie has become the friend maker. Bob Newbie is also now the only one with a job because Betty missed work two days in a row.

Their first skunk because I can't keep the house clean even with a maid.

They bought two little birds.

Bob managed to become friends with Bella Goth.

Claire the bear made a bee line straight for the beehive.

It didn't work out so well for Claire.

We also have a bunny problem. While I do not have any carrot patches so they do not actually eat anything, I see them hop around every once in a while, watching, waiting, counting down the hours until I decide to grow carrots, which I already know will not be happening.

Thanks to the beeswax I have been harvesting I was able to make a charm so we got the charm making machine.

The charms are pretty.

I didn't realize you had to bang the thing off the machine.

This charm is for Beauty or Beast

Betty went really small and then really big, I missed the really small part.

There were not a lot of options for beauty (since the charm worked) so I went with this. I guess it is beautiful. The more magic I have her do on lot the more likely they are to get magical growth things like crystals or the bean stalk which is what I really want.

Getting more beeswax

This also makes honey which is cool.

At this point the camera started not taking pictures even when I told it to and the problem was rather random so I am getting annoyed with it. I was seriously considering starting the whole game over (because I am just like that to myself) but I haven't and I am trying really hard not to let a few hiccups make me uninstall and re-install the game, even though I really want to right now.

I am not sure when but the birds died inside of two weeks Sim time of play. I swear I fed them every day.

I decided to get the grapes and elderberry sprigs and see how that went, I think we can make wine at some point but right now I am just trying everything out a bit.

More camera not working. She actually did this for a little while and has been making a lot of magic coins. In fact, she had enough magic coins to buy...

... a dragon

Who turned into a pyro

Seriously, a pyro.

And he eats all of their flowers, oh well, they were taking too long to take care of anyway.

I had her buy two more dragons to see if I could get the other two types of dragons but no such luck, they were all pyro dragons.

So at this point I would really like to start over.  Making it through week six is actually pretty good for me but I feel like I should have waited a little while to get the dragon and I should have read the book again on how not to get the pyro dragon because that is dangerous to have around.  I am not really sure what to do and I guess we will all know what I decided when I next post about The Sims.


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