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Mraz: "Hello and welcome to the Mraz and Bushwalla Hour; a ten minute weekly YouTube video, because YouTube wouldn't take an hour of video in one upload."

Bushwalla: "Ah, Jason, this isn't on YouTube, it isn't even a video."

Mraz: "We know that but they don't, just go with it."

Bushwalla: "Will it at least be posted once a week?"

Mraz: "Not really, but at least once a month."

Mraz: "I would also like to introduce, Holmes the Cat who I have had for a while now."

Bushwalla: "Jason that is not your cat, that is a fish."

Mraz: "Shh, The Sims 3 doesn't have pets yet."

Mraz: "We are musicians on a mission."

Bushwalla: "What mission?"

Mraz: "I don't know, it sounded good.  I'll come up with it later."

Mraz: "Today is going to be a very short episode including links to our websites so you can learn about us, but next week we will see my Avocado farm."

Bushwalla: "Mainly because iliveforsleep only played for one week's worth of time and so the grove is not fully grown yet."

Official Jason Mraz Website
Official Bushwalla Website

I do not actually know Jason Mraz or Bushwalla and this is all meant in good fun.
Hehe! I want an avocado farm! :P
This made me giggle :P Looking forward to more.

*Goes off to listen to Jason Mraz* :)
I am glad you enjoyed it.

I put some of my Mraz music in the game and then because it doesn't blast through the how house like it does in The Sims 2 I ended up playing for two Sim days just looking at their stereo. I think next time I will play while listening to my iPod so I can actually make them do more than what I can see in a 10 square radius.