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The Suichi Vanderbilt Legacy, Chapter 5: Who is Christy Stratton?

Given how long it has been since I have updated this legacy, I would recommend reading the below first.

Blossoming Hearts: The Suichi Vanderbilt Legacy : Prologue
Generation One : Chapter One : Chapter Two : Chapter Three : Chapter Four

It is not required to understand this chapter all that much, but it will help with some references and it will really help next Chapter.

Christy: "Hello Suichi, thank you for coming to check out the Hang Out Spot with me and getting iliveforsleep to build it in the first place."

Suichi: "I am happy to see how the place came together. Your idea was a good one; the teens need more to do than just hang out on swings in the park. This way they have somewhere to go that will help burn off some of their extra energy and they can socialize. I would not be surprised if we see some adults letting their inner child play video games or going for a swim. As much as we promote this as a place is for the kids, it really is for a place for everyone."

Christy: "Race you to the pool."

Christy: "Isn't the pool great, I love that it has two diving boards and is large enough for a group to hang out in here."

Suichi: "Swimming is one the best ways to workout. It can be so much fun you don't think of it as a workout. The best part of this pool will be the great memories created here each summer."

After a nice long swim they decided to clean up in the bathrooms before getting a bite to eat from the community lot's grill.

Christy: "Should I tell him, will he still like me, does he like me, it is so hard to tell."

Suichi: "I really like Christy; she has a full time job of her own and she managed to come up with the idea for the Hang Out Spot for teens. She knows as well as I do that making an enriching community environment means more than just a park and a grocery store. She seems to really want to help in making this town better and helping the teens do better for themselves by giving them somewhere they can go that is geared towards their primary interests and not just swing sets. There is something I just can’t put my finger on; what is it that makes her so jumpy sometimes?"

Suichi: "So Christy, how has work been going?"

Christy: "Alright; Suichi, do you remember last week when you asked me how I ended up in Arbordale?"

Suichi: "Yes! And I understand if you do not wish to talk about your past, not everyone has memories they would like to share."

Christy: "I think I am ready to tell you now what lead me here."

Christy: "My father was an unscrupulous man who bought up and developed nearly all of Arbordale. It was not because he had a vision of making a great community. He had a vision of making a great profit and when the profits ran out, so did he. I never wanted to believe my father is heartless, but it is hard to think otherwise when you look at what he has done. Sometimes I wonder if I am here helping because I am good person or just because I feel like I must clean up his mess."

Suichi: "You don't have to tell me this if you don't want to."

Christy: "I feel like I need to, I need to tell someone, and you seem like the person I am supposed to tell."

There is a pause from Christy as she finally decides she must tell Suichi all.

Christy continues: "My mother was an exotic dancer at a club who was willing to do more than what the management paid her for if you get my meaning."

Christy: "I am sure my mom must have recognized the kind of man he was and probably targeted him because he would be willing to pay for someone who did not come with a commitment."

Christy: "From what I was told, I was conceived at the nightclub, but my father did not know this until much later."

Christy: "While working for the hospital I discovered old files about my mother. She apparently died from something she was taking. Lucky for me this happened after I was born, but she was dead shortly after I turned two."

Christy: "My mother never told my father I his child, but his name was on the birth certificate as the father. One of the county workers who handled my case told me a few years ago that my father tried to say I was not his, so they had to do a DNA test. I guess when they told him the test proved I was his; he asked the worker if she would change the test results if he gave her a grand. She told him he could go to jail for five years for trying to bribe her or he could take me. I guess dealing with me was more appealing than sharing a prison cell with some guy who might be a murderer."

Christy: "I spent most of my toddlerhood and childhood being looked after by an elderly nanny who didn't really care about raising me and was more interested in my father's alcohol cabinet. When I was finally a teenager and didn't need a nanny any more I thought things would get better. Maybe my father would even be interested in talking to me since I could now take care of myself, but this was not to be the case, he tried to sell me to several of his executive friends as either a bride for their sons or in the case of the ones that were not married, for them."

Christy's father: "Now Christy, I have raised you long enough and if this man behind you likes you enough you will get your wish and be able to leave here forever. He doesn't have a wife and I have told him you are good at cooking and cleaning so don't you dare tell him you are not and I have told him you are skilled at the arts. He would like to hear you play the piano…"

Christy's father: "…so don't screw this up."

Christy to self: But I don't know how to play; he knows I have never had lessons.

Christy's father: "I tell you, she is normally much better at this, she must be nervous having someone so wealthy interested in her."

Business Man: "This is unacceptable. If she is too nervous to play in front of me how will she deal with dinner parties and other social events where she might be asked to play? I will look like an idiot and if there is one thing I will not allow is for anyone to make me look like an idiot. I am sorry, but I think I will have to say no and that deal for my ranch on the north end of town is off."

Christy's father: "All I asked you was to play the piano; it can't be that hard; do you want to make me look bad? Your pathetic performance cost me dearly. Let me make one thing very clear, for your eighteenth birthday you are getting suitcases from me so you can pack your things and get the hell out of here. You will have to figure out where to live or how to pay for college. You have cost me too much already."

Christy: "Then one dark cloudy day my father met with his associates from the company to review their options. They decided there were no more easy profits to be made, so they closed up shop and left town. Their mega stores had crushed all the small businesses to death. There only economic life remaining in town was the mega store. Since most of the citizens had lost their jobs to the mega store, they had little or no money to shop at there. Soon sales died at the mega store and they closed. The community had been drained of their resources and was left to die. Many homes around here were foreclosed and soon it started to look like ghost town. Marisa's parents were among the few who sold their land to my father for a nice fat paycheck. Sadly, many people who were living here before my father came to town where renter. They were unable to take advantage of the money from land sales to the company. Instead, they got kicked to the curb. There are just a handful of families with money around here. Since the only jobs remaining was with the mega store, the store closing ended any hopes of making money around here. They went from low paying jobs to no jobs."

Christy: "I realized I had to help make up for what my father had done to this town, but I had never been able to get past the red tape setup during the reign of the company. They had setup the rules with their crooked politicians to make it easier for them to take land, sometimes claiming it was for badly needed economic redevelop. The reality is the area was fine before they took it and now it is just a mess. It all seemed so hopeless and I felt so powerless. Then I had heard from several of the Townies what you were trying to do. I wasn't sure if you were really going to be dedicated enough to make a difference. Then I saw what you did for Ben Long who was one of the homeless Townies. The pride it gave him to have his own business; something that was his and his alone, that no one could take from him; it was amazing. You gave me new hope that things could get better. I felt that working with you, we could make Arbordale better than it was before the company came."

Christy: "I know it will take years to build up this community to what it once was, most likely even our grandchildren would be working on this task, but I believe that if we work together and continue  teaching the younger generations about what community and individual responsibility really means, then someday, someday Arbordale will be great again and a place many people want to call home."

Suichi: "iliveforsleep, I think I am in love."

I must give credit to my husband Kevin for helping me with the text/wording of several of the captions.  This chapter has been written in my head for over a year and a half so I am really glad to have it completed and finally up for people interested in my "story writing" posts to read.  Most of my game play and writing involves instructional like or this is what they did like writing so trying to write something with a semi-plot and in story form is very outside of my comfort-zone.  I hope you have enjoyed this and all feedback is welcome.
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