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The Sims - Bob and Betty Newbie - weeks 3 and 4

I decided to have Betty take on the challenge of learning all of the magic spells while holding down a job because it was getting kind of boring just watching them go to work and come back every day.

What is interesting is this box did not show up until after I had loaded this game to play on the 7th. So I guess even though the tutorial had technically and I was playing with mood decay occurring, it would not trigger the Super Star magazine or the magic box showing up.

71 Elm Street, Old Town Quarter, from the outside. The pictures below are the top floors and then the bottom floors of the community lot.

Sadly it costs money to play with things on community lots here unless another Sim is already playing with the object, then it is free. I had Betty join a game of pool with Bella. This is the second floor of the front most building.

Behind the pool room is the main bathroom area, although I don't think anyone actually used it.

All the way over on the right side of the bathrooms (if facing the buildings from the front) you have a "small pets" (meaning birds) store that no one used. I may get the Newbies a bird if they get boring again. Might be a good thing to see how long I can keep them alive before getting them a cat or a dog.

On the bottom floor below the bird store is a coffee bar, which I only know because I had Betty get a cup of coffee for no other reason than I felt like it. You have to pay $5 to play with one of the computers in here. That seems high to me but I have never used a coffee bar.

The pastry shop (the counter on the far right side of the screen) is below the pool room.

This room (below the upstairs bathroom) sells masks that I guess you hang on the wall or give them as gifts.

And last but not least, a nearly useless outdoor eating area that no one went to.

Bob talked to Mortimer in the coffee shop while Cassandra played on the computer.

My main problem with this lot is that it has so many different "pay for" entertainment items that there is not much they can do that doesn't cost money. Also, because there are two levels and so many rooms, it is easy to lose a Sim if you have more than one on the lot at the same time. Unlike The Sims 2, you cannot take a single Sim from a household of two or more to a community lot by themselves, or at least I have not figured out how.

Betty decided to make friends with one of the "stray" cats. Some day they will most likely have a cat, but first I have to make sure I can maintain a bird in the game (I am very bad at pet ownership in The Sims 2 and The Sims is much simpler in what they need so fingers crossed).

There carpool has yet to be upgraded so I thought I would get a shot of it before it was (if it ever gets upgraded, I can't remember if it will).

61 Happy Trail, Custer's Market

I decided Betty was also going to have a garden of plants that keep growing after each harvest which in this came comprises of peas and tomatoes. Yes, so far Betty is the only one with extracurricular activities. I am hoping to make Bob the friend maker if he ever stays awake.

The problem with this lot is the lack of places to get food. They sell seeds, but nothing they can actually eat so when on this lot you cannot keep them there for more than a couple of Sim hours because their hunger drains really quickly.

Betty finally decides it is time to try out making a spell. Since she is super Sim (maxed skills) she should be able to get the most charge out of her wand when creating a spell (in this case it was 7 charges).

She made the Toadification spell because that was the only thing she had ingredients for. Once they don't need to work ever I plan on getting her the butter making machine, the bee hive, and whatever else I can get for her that make "make" ingredients for her spells.

Fully charged, who will be the first victim?

But first it is time for a party. This is actually the second party they have thrown, but the first time I through it I failed terribly at design layout for their backyard and several of their guests and Betty got stuck on one or two squares, so I had to exist without saving.

I did not realize that there was a fully cooked and ready to eat, several serving (covered the whole party and breakfast) turkey in the buy menu. It saved them from starving because I sold their fridge before their produce was ready to be harvested the first time.

The original bubble blower.

I wasn't sure if toadifying someone would cause a drop in their relationship so I decided to try it out on Bob. If a problem occurred, I figured I could always just have her admire him several times.

Bob Newbie as a toad.


Claire (another Maxis made) decided to come over on her own and despite the + sign over Betty's head, she seemed to be getting bored so...

...I decided Claire would be the next toadification to be preformed (not like they were friends).

Poof, I apparently forgot to take a picture of Claire's toad but it looked the same as Bob's.

It seems that if you have a dragon in the game (and I now want one) the dragon can eat the toads if you are not careful so that might be an interesting way to deal with population control.
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