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Welcome to The Sims 3 Legacy using Aaroc's Official Legacy Rules because I simply must use Epic and I believe that Ambrosia should be okay if my Sim spent all of that time skilling for it. Basically, every Sim in my game will get to Cooking Level 10 and I will make sure they always have the ingredients for it so they can age someone down if a Spouse is a little older than we thought they were.

This is not a plotty Legacy, the plotty Sims 3 story will come next week (well, it isn't really plotty, but it is actually story based, sort of, there is a script, I'll say that much). I am also only using the base game for this, the game will not be updated, and there is no downloaded content. Why you might ask, because the mac laptop I am running this on has problems with the update that the game has to go to since World Adventures came out and I cannot get it to go to an earlier one that worked; mumbles incoherently to self about not being able to use all of the store bought downloads.

Handicaps I am attempting:

Behind The Times
Matriarchy - (because they are the breeding Sim I need to control the age of)
Service Lover (because I always do this)
Random Traits

That looks like a lot of Handicaps but I don't think they will be too difficult.

Each posting will be one week worth of Sim playing and so many chapters will probably be short at least until I start having my Sim talk to more than one other Sim in the game and they find their spouse.

Say hello to Moon Beam she is a hippie in the sense that she does not believe in work nor electronics and all of her food is freshly grown. She is not a hippie in the sense that she doesn't mind stealing from her neighbors, all of her neighbors.

Her traits are Green Thumb, Love the Outdoors (because she will be living their for a while), Angler, Natural Cook, and Kleptomaniac. She will be stealing all of the outdoor furniture from all of the homes in Sunset Valley where she lives. Hopefully she can accomplish this before she gets too old. Her favorite color is Black and then I forget everything else; does music and food really matter.

I had her read the Gardening book until she finished it and then she planted all of the seeds she got from reaching Gardening level 1. I sold the book when she was done with it.

Stole a treadmill

And a telescope, there was also an easel in there somewhere.

Harvesting some fruit from the park.

It really is too easy to have Sims live in The Sims 3. I had a Sim live 10 weeks without ever building a home, he lived in the gym and never had to pay bills because I never put any furniture or walls on his lot. It is really rather sad.

I will admit, I love the rummage through bins expressions. You will probably see lots of these photos but I will try to limit it to no more than two per week.

Hahahaha, this just cracks me up. In World Adventures they have an Inappropriate but in a Good Way reward, it is great for this interaction because the homeowners no longer care if you are going through their trash cans. Moon will just have to deal with lots of Sims thinking she is inappropriate.

Yeah, her garden is getting along well enough to start harvesting.

She went invisible on the last day trying to deliver produce to this woman (Betty, Betsy, I'm not writing any of this down like I normally do because I find it takes a lot of the fun out of the game unless I am going for a specific story). Fortunately she became visible again after a short cab ride.

Next week I will begin the story that I was originally planning to do on my laptop until I realized there was some major problem with World Adventures and the Mac laptop so I have to start it over on the desktop.
This was a great start! It's too bad you can't use World Adventures, but it looks like she's doing fine without it. And you're right, it's almost ridiculously easy for a Sim to live without a job or a house in Sims 3!

Also, I love the klepto trait. It's so fun! :)
Fortunately it seems that World Adventures is only a problem on my laptop, so for next weeks (I think it will be next week) Sims 3 post, I will be running World Adventures because the story I am working on requires it, although not in the first few posts, but it will make sense I think once the story gets going. Anyway, since World Adventures did not change that much to the Legacy rules I don't think it would have added or taken away from that specifically although I do love going to the other countries. The main thing I am missing is the clothing that I downloaded that I can now not use on my laptop, grrr!

I'm glad you enjoyed the first week, hopefully as I get her doing more things and meeting new people the entries will get more interesting than here she is stealing more stuff.