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Sixth Rotation: Ovid and Taylor

And the last of the Sixth Rotation.  Future posting of the rotations will be more spread out so you don't end up with several posts on the same day.


Virgo got promoted to Paramedic.

I bought him a chess set and he brought Komei home with him on his own.

But thanks to my bad decision on a chance card (drove on sidewalk), he got fired despite being Platinum and all skilled up.

Fortunately he got his job back that day.

And got promoted back to Paramedic the next day.

I had forgotten that he was already in mutual crush with Melissa Fancey until he wanted to invite her over and fall in love.


...and done (maybe this is why she kept rejecting Taurus).

He obviously would roll the want for WooHoo (he is Romance).

Hello Bob 1 and Bob 2, nice to see you again so soon.

I got the reward Hot Tub because he rolled the want for one and it actually counted, I was shocked, and very happy.

Komei was used as aspiration fodder.

I don't usually do this, but Virgo rolled the want for it. He seems to be a more traditional Romance Sim, because unlike Taurus who fixates on one person, Virgo rolls wants for anyone he meets.

But he got promoted to Nurse so as long as they are not already married I don't care.


I would like to introduce Ganymede Taylor, and Aquarius/Popularity Sim who looks like he might be an easy one to keep happy, so long as he can keep meeting people, good thing I plan on adding a lot more Sims to this neighborhood and there is breeding going on.

Ganymede (that is going to take a while to get used to typing) is going to be in the Culinary career and being the good little Sim he is he rolled the want to be in that field for a job so I locked it before it had a chance to change.

He moved into Caprica's old home, hopefully he will have more luck than Caprica did.

Since he didn't roll the want for any furniture, just meeting people I sent him to the new community lot in town, yes, I actually built a community lot and I don't think it came out too badly, although it probably should have been smaller.

Welcome to The Swimming Hole. It doesn't really look like a swimming hole, but I named it before I added anything and I kept adding trying to make sure I covered as many needs as I could. The bathrooms are in the blue building you can barely see on the left.

I left Ganymede to his own devices for a little while and he went straight to the swing set to push the children that kept lining up for it. He is so sweet (and it will turn out to be very popular with everyone, no bad socials for him).

Most people say Brandy LeTourneau is an ice queen, but I think she is just misunderstood, she and Ganymede became friends in 6 interactions, maybe 7, but it was really quick.

Anyway, here she is smiling just to prove it is possible and that her face does not crack when she does smile.

First try on the grill and he didn't burn the hotdogs, hopefully that is a good sign for his culinary career.

I just thought this was fun.  I would totally do that.

He went back home (I love Sims 2 non-continuous time) and got the job he wanted and finally rolled the want for some furniture.

He wanted a fridge, toilet, and bath. Once he had those he rolled the want for a bar and a stereo (after what happened with Taurus and the frosty stereo I gave him a real one). He did not roll the want for a bed.

So after getting him Platinum through buy mode I finished out his home and he just under $300 left which means he has more and nicer stuff than I usually let Sims have because they have to have $1000 left over after moving in to pay bills with.

I don't think I have ever used any of the furniture shown here other than the computer before.

Brandy was a regular fixture during those first three days.

He rolled the want for a party so I invited everyone he knew, they all actually came and most of them he was only 10 or less on the daily. This is not everyone.

It was a New Years bash, I have never done one of those before either. Unfortunately at 11 pm, the police came and broke the party up so it was the lowest possible score. We will try again without playing the stereo all night.

The next The Sims 2 post will be the first continuation of the Blossoming Hearts: The Suichi Vanderbilt Legacy that I have spent too long away from so I need to go back over my notes and previous albums before I try playing and writing the next one.
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