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Unlike the usual Stuart play, they didn't do as much that I felt needed picture taking this time.

The Stuart family had to hire nanny Kendal for the few times Uranus and Christy's jobs overlapped. So far she has been okay.

Uranus was promoted to All Star; I still love this family.

Christy helps William age to Toddler (first one in the neighborhood). His personality, 4/9/4/7/6, I am happy with that.

Christy maxed Cooking and Cleaning (this is the Cleaning picture).


Taurus invited Melissa over and she brought Virgon over with her.  It took them nearly a Sim hour for all of them to get inside the home because the porch is way too small.  I should make it larger the next time I play (if I remember).

I finally broke down and bought Taurus a TV because his fun is almost always in the red; guess books just are not his thing.

There is foreshadowing in this picture, can you tell what, see the next picture to find out.

If you guess Melissa you are correct. I generally don't try and have married Sims cheat on their spouse (they always get caught anyway.)

There was a lot of kissing going on because Taurus kept rolling one specific want.

He never got the want but he did get her to cuddle in bed.

But the love memory was enough to satisfy another wish that led to a promotion to Paramedic.

So I bought him a chess set because he needed the skill.

And the same day, he got promoted to Nurse.

Taurus has actually been a pretty tame Romance Sim despite the fact that his highest relationship is with a teen and not an adult (this seems to be a trend with my Romance Sims and I have no hacks).

Next up Ovid and the new Sim for this rotation.
Hopefully since little William is now a toddler there will be something from that in the next update; toddlers either cause mayhem or are just insanely cute in my opinion, either would be fun (they have plenty of money so if it is mayhem it is okay).

I have considered letting Taurus befriend all of the Townie Teens and then on the day he is to turn elder, moving one of them in and setting them has his child so he will not get any inappropriate wants for them once they become adults. The idea is not set in stone, he may find someone who he just flips for before then, but so far he has not really settled on anyone.