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Sixth Rotation: Davis and Gindorf

And now for something happier, lots of The Sims 2 pictures (there will be three posts about this rotation, sorry for the flooding of any Friend Pages this may result in).  I didn't realize I hadn't posted any of rotation six when I finished it off on the 2nd so I am glad I checked to make sure what needed to go up.


Kaylynn got her first baby bump, then rolled the want for Grilled Cheese.

That sounds about right.

Virgon got promoted to Surgeon (I need to change one of their hair styles because I am having a hard time telling them apart now).

Marsha on her birthday, she didn't have a party, she didn't roll the want for one, but she did bring Britanny Parker home with her from school.

I think she is really beautiful and I even like the outfit she grew up in.

One of them decided they wanted help with/to help with homework, not sure which anymore.

This could also be taken as a really creepy picture since it is his brother's adopted daughter.

Kaylynn looks like she is about to burst with baby bump #2.

Marshall was promoted to Project Leader.

And then Virgon was promoted to Medical Researcher.

They got Remington Harris as their new maid. He will marry someone, not sure who, and it may not even be in this family, but I really want him in a family.

And it is time for Kaylynn and Virgon's baby to be born.

Meet Spica Davis; I know there was a very good reason for naming her that when she was born, but there was a bit of a time lapse between when this was played and when this was posted (45 days).

Virgon with his new baby girl.


I decided to boolprop Caprica and Marisa to their pre-crash levels because it was not their fault that happened and I really wanted to make it up to them. They now live in a really nice spacious home that I think is really pretty from the outside.

Since moving reset all of their motives, I took advantage of the fact that both of them were finally in a good mood at the same time.

If you have been following this all along, you may remember, this has been my most difficult home to keep anyone happy in.

She of course said yes because they were at 100/100.

I went ahead and got them married just to prevent any problems with that in the future.

They look so happy.

They both rolled the want for a baby.

Took two tries.

I love it when the pillows fly.

I think I have an obsession with catching the purple hearts; I call them Bob 1 and Bob 2, don't ask why, I don't know.

I think I also called them Bob and Steve once, but I cannot remember for sure right now.

While the inside of the home is not bad there are some tight spots like the hallway here which may have to be modified.

The downstairs works pretty well so long as no one goes on the porch and only one person is in the kitchen at a time.

Yes, finally, Caprica was in a good enough mood to get promoted again (Prep Cook).

Next up, Stuart and Yasadhara
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